Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 1015 - fun with quilts, donations , family and friends

I treated myself to a manicure and got snowmen on each hand. Made me smile each time I used me hands. Little things bring happiness
! It has snowed here a lot and my poor chickens lost the netting roof from the weight of the snow. It is hard t go out there and duck down to bring food and water to my Girl's. On the other hand I get five eggs everyday and sometimes six. They all put t me as soon as I turn on kitchen lights in the morning. I am working on new Christmas tree quilts and chickens are one of the themes! 
The hens gave me lots of eggs for our strata. Yum!
My backyard.
Each year I save money from my book and pattern sales and I purchase pajamas for the homeless men who go to the Mission here. We call it "Jammies for Jimmy's." This year I bought 58 pair of pajamas at Penny's. I took the bags to the Mission and a very nice man got a shopping basket and we filled it and another man carried two of the bags we could not get in. He asked what I had in the bags and I told him "warm pajamas" to give comfort to men who were cold and needed a break. He got teary and told me he was one of those men and now he is clean and knows not to make poor decisions. I grabbed his hand and thanked him for helping others. It blessed me again this year. This is what Christmas is about. We are blessed to be a blessing. 
Christmas Day before we ate the strata breakfast, we gathered around the snowman for a family photo. Then we ate breakfast and everyone went skiing. I stayed home and quilted. We all did what we loved! Great day filled with love.
I am working on a new Christmas tree quilt for another example for my classes. I knew it needed a chicken and I also did a rooster. Hee hee.
Christmas does bring joy! I love this word and it belongs in Chridtmas trees. In my opinion.
My neighbor got a new dog and so I thought she belonged on the quilt for fun.
If you want to take a fun class the Christmas tree class could be for you! You can make it styled to your own memories. This class needs to be two days.
I thought I would share this incredible Santa button and plastic art. Amazing isn't it?
If you want to make an easy cookie style snack I love these.
Place a small pretzel on a silicone lined baking pan. Add a rolo candy on top and put in a 350 degree oven four minutes or until they are soft but not melted totally. Take out of oven and squish a whole pecan onto the top. Cool and enjoy!
Connie my neighbor gave me a darling garland of wool.  Thought it would make a great scarf. Fun to do something inventive and whimsical! 
I will be teaching "Little Darlings" in Paducah in April- make a small wallhanging for fun!
I will be teaching two fun bird wallhangings in Paducah too. Easy, fun and creative!
My Folk art fish made of wool and buttons will be taught at Paducah too. Lots of creative classes coming up in 2016. 
I will be teaching Flower Power and StoryvQuilts in Florida next month. Lots of creative fun and color in the sunshine. Great fun!
Hope we get to
Meet in the New Year. Life is good and 2016 is going to be a great year!


  1. That Santa is AMAZING! Can you imagine how heavy he is with all those buttons and baubles? Joy is a great word to describe enjoying Christmas the way each one wants. Isn't that the way to keep each of us happy and sane?

  2. It looks like you got hammered with all that snow. We are getting a little tonight, so tomorrow is a stay in day. I love the idea of buying pajamas and this year I want to start a fund for things, and pattern sales are a great way to start. I also like the idea of doing online auctions with small quilts and crafts, so things to think about in the new year. I hope your new year brings good health and many blessings.


  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing your happy, smiling family on Christmas this year. So much snow - hope it was great skiing for them!! Glad you got some alone time to quilt.

    Thank you, too, for all the pretty inspiration to begin the new year. Flowers and birds and fish - oh my!!

  4. Love the colorful eye candy and the Santa is amazing! Love where imagination takes each person who is willing to pay attention. Like YOU!

    We're getting rain and 70*F in Virginia. What's up with that?? Bring on the bug-killing season appropriate cold and snow, please.

    Wishing you much joy in the new year!


  5. Wish I could take a class with you. I love the quilts. My favorite is the heart rooster. Have a blessed and Happy New Year. Hugs

  6. ¡¡¡ Que familia tan feliz !!!
    Que se os cumpla todo los deseos para el próximo año.

  7. I love all the different points that you find for making eyes! Connie's dog is so cute as are your heart chicken and smiling sun.

    Great family photo, have a great time in Florida soaking up the sunshine. Have a Happy, Healthy New Year, hope to see you in 2016!

  8. Your new projects are so fun. They make me smile!

    Did you ever get the bra book I sent?

  9. I received my winner's package today and it gave me "great comfort and joy" Marylou..thank you so much--I don't have any fabric like these--so neat Happy New Year to you and yours--hugs, Julierose

  10. Darling Nail Polish! Love the last quilt block (The Sun) now I have to go make that too!

  11. Happy New Year to glad to hear you are happy and well. Love seeing your girls (the hens). Love seeing the multicolored eggs. Hens make me laugh. They do have such personality! Always love reading your blog. Peace and Joy in 2016!