Friday, January 15, 2016

Florida A Blessing for Mary Lou and being a Blessing!

Can you guess who this little girl
Is? It is me in my most favorite dress. My Mpm cut my bangs and they were never even. Do you know what I mean? 😊
I thought this upside down snowman was a great idea! So whimsical and happy!!
I just spent time in Pembrook Pines and the guild there was great! This quilt above was a show and tell! Isn't it wonderful?
Wa Ted to share the button bracelet Marlys made for me. I wear it all of the time. Really fun and flashy too. 😊
Flower Power fun and many smiles in class!
Sam made a darling Cardinal! Happy! 
Jo's chicken is fun!
Barb's happy with her birdie
Charlotte's happy with posies
Birds make us all happy! 
And finally I want to end this with a story quilt from Charlotte.  She had 't done something for her Grabdson and she said "I guess I am a bad Grandmother" and her little Grandson said "There are no bad Grandmothers." Here she is with all of her Grandchildren. So cute!!
How lovely that Charlotte will
Someday leave her many StoryvQuilts and her Grandchildren's 
memories. The whole point of these quilts is memories and legacy pieces for a testament to who you are and who you love. Wonderful stuff!
Hope your week is going well and God is blessing you. Stay positive, share, offer to help someone, write a positive note, bake cookies to share, hug a child, go for a walk, call an old friend, send a get well message and share your smile. It is sure to bless you and others too!


  1. Love the quilts, the birdies, the glorious flowers, and the many smiling faces! What fun it is to imagine something into reality!

    To Charlotte's grandson and her wonderful story quilt, AMEN! There ARE no bad grandmothers!!

    What a pretty picture of you in your favorite dress! My mother would sit me on the stove (turned off!) to cut my bangs. She'd wet them, cut the even, and then my natural curl would make them uneven when dry. So, she'd wet them again ... so I always had uneven and really short bangs!


  2. It looks like you had a great retreat and wonderful students. Love the cat in the bed quilt, that is so fun. And I do remember the home cut bangs and the bowl cuts, lol.


  3. Cute photo Mary Lou! I have many pictures that prove my Mother couldn't cut my bangs straight either - but she tried very hard!!

    Great pictures of your Florida class - so many happy faces and birds and flowers!! Lovely Grandmother quilt - what a wonderful legacy for those grandchildren :-}

    Thank you for reminding us to be blessings to others today. I am always grateful for you!

  4. Oh just love those different size flowers--so darn cute!! My bangs were never ever even either--and actually--I still trim my own so they are most likely STILL that way! Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...hugs Julierose

  5. Looks like a creative group of Quilter's Mary Lou.

    My mom used to put a piece of scotch tape across my bangs and then cut below that line.mmgood idea except I have a cowlick and the bangs would bounce up once cut. I know you pain! Great photo!