Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saying Goodbye to My Chickens and My Fun Retreat with New Techniques in June!

This week I had my daughter take a photo of me and goldilocks who laid double yolk eggs all of the time- they were huge!!!
Ethel (of Fred and Ethel) lays there waiting for her turn to be picked up
Tilly the chicken above was not the smartest but she was very pretty!
I ordered these chicken shoes and they arrived the day after the chickens left. Bad timing. But they are comfy and cute.
Tilly loves eating worms and I picked her up kind of late.
Above is the head chicken and top of the pecking order- her name is Loretta. She is feisty.
I had to give the chickens to my good friend with a chicken farm. She has lots of room and a nice family. I was traveling a lot and having to ask neighbor's to watch them and it was a hassle. They were someone to love and care for with Mark being gone. I kept them almost a year and I got tons of beautiful eggs. I learned lots about chickens too. 
This is one of my chicken wallhangings about my Grandmother.
     My retreat in June will have chickens as a theme. look at the retreat post at the top and click on it for information. We need four more students. I have lots of fun prizes and beautiful chicken fabrics and patterns.
Additionally I plan to give everyone a pattern of a girl and instructions for putting things on her head on a hat. I hope to do a book challenge of this. I will give everyone a pattern they can put flowers, birds, chickens, items of all kinds and see what people come up with. I think this will make an awesome book and challenge for a fun quilt. At the retreat you can do this or your own Story Quilt or Flower Power quilt. It is going to be Put of the Box and lots of great fun! 
Hope you can make it and help us fill
Those last four spots!
A lady with a hat )idea for a creative and different quilt)
Another sample of a lady's hat , chicken and fish and all. Hoping that some of my friends will
Take the challenge and come to the retreat. Miss Tina from LA will be flying in to cook for us and provide a cookbook. She is awesome. To sign up for the retreat write to me at


  1. Sad for you, Mary Lou, to have to say good-bye to your chickens, but it's the right thing to do. They'll have a good home at the chicken farm and you'll still have the nice pictures and good memories of them - as well as some chicken quilts!

  2. I can hardly wait for June to arrive and be at your retreat Mary Lou! Love the ideas you are sharing with chickens, the challenge sounds fun.

    I plan an bringing my fish swap quilt to show what I'm adding to it.

    This is going to be fun! Also wondering what great chicken dishes Miss Tina will bestow upon us!

  3. Awww, I'm sorry that you had to say good-bye to the chickens. But it looks like they'll be very happy at their new home. It sounds like they were there for you at an important part of your life. Looking forward to seeing all of the lovely new chicken themed story quilts. :-)

  4. Your chicken's quilts are so cheerful. I really love your colorful way to do it :) It's wonderful how creative humans nature are.

  5. What great quilts and awesome colors, as usual!

    Did you retain visiting rights so you can go see Loretta, Ethel, and Tilly when you're in town? Since they're now at home with your good friend, you'd most certainly be welcome!