Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stories, Angels, Kids quilts and a Workshop Opportunity in West Virginia!

This is an angel quilt made by Rose from Houston area. I taught an angel workshop there or in Galveston and she took my class and made this darling angel with a tea pot. 😊

Here is a nice photo above of the whole beautiful quilt. I just love it and imagine this hanging in your home. Very creative and love the asymmetrical  borders. 
I taught a workshop this week on doing quilts from children's art. I loved the drawings people brought in and also some that did their own. Such fun! So creative.
This darling girl took my class a couple of years ago and came back to do more and to share some of her work. I know her name starts with an "M" and if she sees this I hope she helps me out. Today I cannot remember my own name! Aren't these kitties cute?
And below a cat on a sewing machine is always great!
This was at show and tell and I loved the colors and designs though I never do this kind of work myself.
Below is the quilt made from the adorable drawing. We worked on borders that enhance and making them free form and fun. Love the colors in this!! Such fun!
Below is another wonderful story quilt from Peggy Clayton (I cannot remember her middle name today- nuts!) - but it is a wedding quilt for her Minister and it will be wonderful- note the hearts across the top (hoochy style). The cake in between them will have a bride and a groom on it. Peggy loves color! 
Below is the newest in the kitty quilts. Shecdidctgevhoochy borders and got a fish bowl in there and the cats tail will hold a fishing pole with a wirm over the bowl! Haha.
Below is a story quilt that will be wonderful- she is going to be tossing things in the air and her hair will be glowing and made out of Rick rack that was her Mothers. The skirt is going to be something else when it's done. She has a list of winderful and happy happy ideas.
Story quilts make for happy endorphins! No cranky girls in this atmosphere. Only happy with lots of laughs and new friendships. Inlove it!

Awesome colors!!!!
Such a darling design. What child would not LOVE a handmade quilt to keep
The rest of their  lives. And what Mother or Grabdmother or Aunt would not love this?
If you would like to take s fun Story quilt class for 4 1/2 days I am teaching in April at Cedar Lakes in West Virginia. It is a beautiful place that inspires because of its beauty. We stay in the same building as our workroom and Gloria who runs the programs is really wonderful. April 24th to 29th.
It is the most economic longer Workshop for stories that I teach. Right now there are openings and we would love to have you! We usually have one evening for horsderves and anyone who wants to show a craft or something cool. It is really fun! Most people come there from out of State and that part is really fun too!
Hope to see some of you there.


  1. What wonderful quilts and love the idea of making them from children's quilts.
    My grandson still scribbles but a fun idea for when he gets older.


  2. Can't wait! Hopefully my sewing story quilt will be finished so I can show it off. Looking forward to finishing my Queen Bee quilt this year.
    I looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! Sharon

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for all the great pictures of happy, colorful and beautiful quilts! You're right - who wouldn't love a quilt with their very own princess on it?!?!?

  4. What lovely show and tell Mary Lou, love that angels ponytail coming out of the top of her head!

    Those children's drawings are very sweet..

  5. Oh such cute pictures and story quilts!

  6. Yeah I had heard about the Kids quilts and a Workshop at local event space in West Virginia. I also wanted to take my daughter to this workshop but I couldn’t make. She has loads of interest in quilting so please let me know if there are such events in future!!