Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Beautiful Day in my Neighborhood

  Great quilts come about at Asilomar )emptyspoolsseminars.com)'
Carol from San Diego remembered that her Mother did so many things and that she said "Many hands make light work." I love this fun quilt!! Everything is great about it!! Plus it is a quilt that will remember her Mother for generations to come!
This quilt story means a lot to Pam Dransfelt and anyone lucky enough to see it. Her Mother did this quilt in one of my longer workshops many years ago. When she went into a care facility this quilt hung I. The wall next to her. And when she passed away last month, Pam had this story that is joyful and happy about her lovely Mother. Wonderful!!
Mary who has taken many classes with me did this lovely story quilt about her husband who has passed away. It is really lovely and it has what they said before they went to sleep- "Good night husband" and "Goodnight wife."
Lovely in every way.
I spent this past week in San Diego with three different guilds. Friendship guild chose a two day self portrait workshop and we had so much fun! The idea is "who are you that day?"
It is all about imagination and creativity. Get out of that box you are in! 😀
The above person is Elaine's Mother who was multi talented. Such fun!!
The beginning of her story after she finished her fun borders. Wouldn't you love to do a quilt about your Morher or a Grandmother? So
Much to say!
I loved this bulldog and his coloring of purple and turquoise! Very creative and fun!
This is fun and the first day it took a little while to get out of the box and the. "Joila"
She was out and creating like the wind. Unfortunately she cut her finger and had to go to emergency but she came back and was a busy bee!!
Glad she is ok and did such a good job with story and color! Fun! 
We did flowers in the other two guilds. Pretty fun and so Many flowers to pick from!
I am out of books but am adding three books into one. Hoochy Mama, Flower Power and all New animals and other things with this technique. The new book will be available in August and will be called "Hoochy Twochy."
Stay tuned. 😉
More flowers...
We had good giggles and enjoyed each other and the fun of this technique. I had a busy but happy week in beautiful San Diego. Such nice girls there!!
       Hoping to weed before I leave for Tulsa the end of the month and then fun with my retreat buddies. Can't wait for creative fun and Tina's cooking too!

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  1. I'm so glad you are having some very creative students at your workshops Mary Lou. What great pieces they are creating.

    I'm looking forward to what is going to be created in June at your retreat in Spokane.