Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A New Book with Need of Photos- Can you Help?

So I am redoing a book in August that is going to be fun. I am adding some me hoochy blocks to the "Hoochy Mama" book and to that I am adding the Flowrr Power book with new birds and some new flower ideas and to
Those I am
Adding a whole grouping of border ideas and some animals and some cars.
It is going to have all three books in one and will be called "Hoovy TWOchy." If it gets printed on time it will be available the end of August and will give you super ideas got more fun quilts!!!
My dear friend Charlotte put together this Flower Power sample...can I use this Charlotte?
So what I really need is any photos you have of a Hoochy wall hanging or a Flower Power wall hanging or quilt. I know there are good ones out there and I would love to share them! 
I am self publishing this book. Hope you see what a fun method it is and leads to great quilts!!

Sharon Stanton did these darling blocks 
Darlene did these beautiful blocks in our Asilomar class. Love them all!!

These girls are all Paducah students. Great flowers and fun too!
Imagine being able to do a cute row of people. Those patterns will be in there also! Watch this blog and in August it willMTell You how and where to order it.

There is nothing quite so fun as flowers, birds and creative things seen by you! A great chance for us all to be creative and HAPPY!!


  1. I have a cute Cow Quilt I made for our guild challenge. . . how do I send it to you if I am not on facebook?

  2. Such Fun Blocks!!! I Love Them All!!!