Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating with Wool, cotton light giving stash of different scales and the color of the year....I must add greens, turquoises and fushias to it on black!

Finished my Folk Art Fish and started another one....this is so much fun and I will be offering a workshop on wool and how much fun folk art can be. Stay tuned....maybe your guild would love a workshop in this.
Different stitches and how to's on embellishing make this all so much fun!
Plus everyone who sees this hanging on my wall wants one!
For those of you going on the cruise to Panama, this will be class for 15 of us! Can't wait for wool and cruising too!
Color of the year- Tangerine Tango-these fabrics were a gift from Molly for my birthday. I am going to make cats head out of them...I think that will be perfect.
I had a teacher in school that said your eyes read color better horizontally than be the judge here. I am doing the cats in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book-so fun and they always get rave reviews....try them-easy, inventive and fun
A nice fabric stash of lightgivers and different scales does alot for fun blocks for border or quilts for your walls or beds. I started making these blocks this week and have a great quilt that these will border. I have enough to begin a wall quilt for my entry too-if you take a workshop from me, you know we are going to talk about what a GOOD stash entails and mistakes people make when they buy the wrong fabrics. Yes you can actually buy ones that don't do what the good ones can!
There are dozens of blocks here and as I ironed I just piled them one on one...wait until you see the finished product! So creative, fun and a recipe for a great quilt! If you do civil war as some of my friends do, you might now like this...."Smile"
I wanted to post this on the side but it was too big to so I am posting it here....pretty cool place right?


  1. Love your fish, he is so fun. I have some laurel burch books and was thinking of trying something with the fish with fun fabrics.


  2. Beautiful birthday fabrics from Molly! and I love, love, love that woolen Folk Art Fish!! I won't be on the cruise, but will forward this page of your blog to the program ladies at my local guilds in hopes that they will contact you to set up a lecture and workshop!

  3. You make the most amazing fish...ever! This one is totally fabulous. Even one hard and oh so challenging days..well, ok weeks!...I come here and my heart releases and song comes forth. And I am not kidding!!!!