Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots to See and Do on A SUNNY Cruise!

I just could not get enough of the wonderful happy paintings on the cruise...this was at a restaurant in Costa Limon and we went in and sat down and they made us move and then we asked for menus and they said the manager was writing them up in the backroom...we left, it was weird. Happily we went to a beautiful beach for a lovely lunch-better place and they had printed menus! haha.
This is Christine Porter and Karen Buckley on our way shopping and looking. I wish I looked as good as they do in warm weather clothing....isn't this a good photo of Karen?
Since house quilts seem to be the rage, I thought I would share this photo of house painting and scultures...such pretty colors! I didn't buy a thing....
I love the colors of the buildings and wish I could get away with this in my city...it isn't going to happen
beautiful colors!
Karen sitting and waiting for the taxi-they had a square there with lots of men just sitting in the heat doing nothing and the music playing was LOUD and fast and crazy -it was fun at first and then it kind of got on your nerves...do I sound like my Grandmother?
For anyone who has cruised you know that there is a towel animal on your bed everynight...a different one each day...It is fun and makes you happy
All of the trees there are filled with fruits to eat...these people eat lots of fish and fruits and evgetables....they are poor but in some ways they are rich-the children are adorable
In the front here is Amy who is in charge and Kim in the red who is also in charge of the quilters who cruise there. They are fun, easy going and do a great job. 
Here I am in the middle with the girls from Sask. Canada- a fun group who were always laughing and doing fun things-they make you a Canadian wanna be
Here is Amy and Kim again and the lady on the right is from "Quilts Northwest" quilt shop in Seattle. I spend alot of money there when I am in town.
The lady in the middle is Kathy Kansier (she slammed her finger in the bathroom door the second day and was in pain alot of the cruise though she didn't complain) the other teacher on the cruise and her husband (who had a great sense of humor)on the right. This was the Grand Poobah table...we sat on the other side of it....
The table above was fun because it was one man who came with four lovely Port Townsend ladies-I asked him if it was his harem and his wife said "I am the only one he sleeps with." They are holding hands because I think it was their anniversary. Each person in their group was delightful.
And finally the "art" room. If you cruise you learn that they try to sell paintings to anyone who will come in and listen to them....
And the other things they try to sell is jewelry-diamonds of every range and lots of them in a big store on the ship-I took a quick photo of this cool necklace and got out of there lest someone try to sell it to me....It is blue agate (I heard the guy the day before trying to sell it to a man....I guess he decided against it. :0)
So really if you decide to cruise, there is lots to buy and lots to look at and there are chairs on the deck to sit and do nothing or read or quilt or dream while you look at the clouds and drink a cool drink...I did some of that too
On another note here is the Lemonade Quilt about my daughter and her friend- Pam Dransfeldt quilted this and once it is home it will get buttons for flowers and eyes on the animals....I think the quilting is beautiful and the subject of the story quilt is dear to me and my children too.
And finally a great idea for Mom's. This is for kids who are afraid to sleep in their bedrooms for fear of what is under their beds or in their closets. Put a sign over your Lysol and spray it under the bed and in the closet...fun idea!This was NOT my idea...I made my own cover and gave it to my daughter...you can make your own cover too and put it on any room spray....pretty fun!


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  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all the beautiful sights from your cruise and for introducing us to all the nice quilting people!

    Nice to meet you all!