Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quilt Cruising Brings Beauty Each Day in Different Ways

This painting was in lovely Costa Rica. I was lucky enough to visit with Karen K.Buckley and her husband Joe and Chris Porter and her husband Neill. Both of the husbands had fabulous camera systems and they loved to take photos (me too) so the trip to me was a huge success. Joe dickered a deal for us with a taxi driver who had two wives. The guy said the women hated each other and didn't like that he had two wives but he said "that's just the way it is going to be!"
The house at the top was a painting on a wall and it is screaming to be a quilt I think....
There are lots of things for sale and they all look beautiful because of the sunshine and light there...then you bring them home to the Northwest and they don't look as exciting. It is enough to enjoy the beauty of the things there, the people, the people you are with and the things that God provides for your senses (LOTS). Being there is wonderful.
Above was part of a display they had by one of the bars on the ship...I thought it was beautiful.
Above was a sign for a bar...I love signs and often take dozens of photos of just those.
On one of my days off, I just walked around the ship and enjoyed the ocean air and the beautiful sky and clouds...different each day
This was the name of the ship I was on. It doesn't look that big but up close it is HUGE and you are up so high from everything as you look out the windows or walk around the outside.
I was always amazed at the color of the water and how it changed...all beautiful colors that only happen where the sun shines it's brightest.
This is one of the pools...I waited for everyone to leave to get a good photo.
This Starbucks was the most beautiful color of blue! I "think" this was in Costa Rica. The coffee tasted just like at home.
Bags are for sale everywhere....they look beautiful there and taking a photo was as good as buying it and putting it away in a closet....
I LOVED these morachas and if it were not for the fact that my Grandkids would use them everytime they came over, I would have gotten them. The lady in this photo would NOT look up for Neill Porter no matter how much he begged her to. He wanted her photo. I was happy with the morachas.
We all wanted a photo of this beautiful lady. We all told her how beautiful she was and she was really a lovely person too. Happy to pose for photos. I did buy a Curaceo bracelet to take apart for a quilt I am working on from her and then I tipped her too.
These types of painting were everywhere...I loved them but not in Washington State
I loved the color of this van in the sun!
Here is the teacher Chris Porter with the beautiful woman....two beauties
Just took a quick photo of Aruba off the ship- I didn't get off there
I thought this painting on the side of a wall was quite beautiful. There are paintings here and there like this and that day a huge dump container with garbage was in front of the nice was smelly but the beauty of the paintings was more important than stinky garbage for a short time.
If you ever want to go on a beautiful excursion, the Panama Canal Cruise is lovely and you do get to visit many wonderful and beautiful places.


  1. What a lovely group of photos Mary Lou, the art there is lovely. Definitely a part of the world I would love to see on day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful trip you are having, so many beautiful scenes and the peace of the sea.