Friday, June 15, 2012

A Lovely Letter from Barbara In Virginia-plus the making of batiks!

I visit from time to time, always taking whatever time it takes to look at the wonders on your sidebar and today I found the cartoon with the man asking his wife if she's buying "all that fabric" and I knew I had to write you. My sweet mother said those exact words to me after I'd walked all thru a glorious quilt shop (sadly out of business) in the Richmond, VA area and had brought only 5 bolts of fabric to the cutting table. My reply was that those where the fabrics I was settling for but that I'd have liked to get yardage from each and every bolt in the shop. I forgot to mention that Mom stood by the shop door as I looked at everything in the wonderful store one or more times. Years later, my mother started showing signs of Alzheimers and I knew things were forever changed when I took her to another quilt shop. As I was at the cutting table, she twice drew my attention to multi-colored fabrics and asked if I didn't want some of this fabric, too. Of course I did! I still have those two fabrics but Mom has been gone since 2004.

I thought this was a wonderful letter and suggested it be a story quilt. It is so sentimental and so touching and any quilter can smile at this and daughters can too.

Father's Day is Sunday and we love those days for our family. This photo is my husband, my son and my Grand daughter taken at a family get together at my son's in-laws. I love this nice photo.

This made me true

My other Granddaughter (I gave three) had a wonderful kindergarten year and her Mother did alot of volunteering with the teacher on the right who is lovely. Today was the last day and they went out to McDonald's for ice cream to top it off.
And Finally, here is a great you-tube on how they make batiks! LOTS of work for us!


  1. Wonderful stories and that tag is so funny.


  2. Thanks for the sweet story ......I miss my mother everyday.

    Oh my goodness that label is a it for real?
    And heaven knows my mother did know how to clean everything!

    What a great three generation picture.....I'll have to remember to do that next time I visit my dear son :0) with his adorable redheaded daughter!

    Happy Sewing