Saturday, June 30, 2012

This is a photo of Kathleen who lives close to Orofino now and took a class from me TEN years ago at Asilomar. She is really creative and fun and looks as young as she did ten years ago! She said I was blond back then...I forgot it had been that long!
Kathleen (who I thought we called katie though I may be wrong) made this darling sampler below with the help of friends who swapped blocks....I always want to do what everyone else does...would love to do this with little blocks that are appliqued with fairies or fall things for garden things...too many ideas
The quilt below is the quilt that Katheen made in my class about her pending wedding...and she has been married ten years so he must be a keeper. It still needs quilting and she is going to put a vineyard on the right under the house. The fireworks on the left is all beads and it quite stunning. Now she is ready to start some new story quilts since she took my class.
I am going to look up her website to share with you.
It was a delightful three days in the most beautiful place or close to it in Idaho. This is the area that Lewis and Clark went through and there are wonderful and beautiful historic signs everywhere. I hope to take my older Grandchildren there to learn more about this amazing journey that people had to make way back when.
I am home for the summer and am overwhelmed with the ideas and projects I plan to do...including my drawing book completion.
Life is good and nice things make us happy and negative things don't. Stay away from things that bring you down and give thanks for your many blessings.
check out Kathleen's blog for great fun!

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