Monday, June 25, 2012

Things that bring JOY

 My good friend Kathy Collins sent me this photo of a quilt she made for a relative. She made the hoochy hearts and then used my alphabet fabric I designed for the words...I think that fabric was so much fun and would love to have Timeless treasures let me do another alphabet for a line of fabric with them....we all want to tell our tales...or we should

I saw this Maxine and it made me laugh and I knew you would laugh too
Here I am explaining exactly how to do something important and why my lightgiver fabrics and other light givers are SO important!
Evelyn from TX just took a class with me this week for Quilting Adventures to make COWS. She made a cow called "Irish Coffee" (see my other blog for a photo. The photo above is of a quilt she made after she had to give back a fabulous opportunity quilt she was in charge do get used to keeping those nice things you work on and then it is hard to let them go. Isn't this quilt cute???
 This quilt is finished and given. Carolyn from Washington DC took a class from me at Cedar Lakes in West Virginia and she worked on a quilt for her Granddaughter's 8th grade graduation. It includes all of the things her Granddaughter loves and is good at. I think it turned out wonderful and you know, who wouldn't want a special quilt like this to keep for a lifetime that tells about us and our Grandmother made with love and care? It will only grow more special as times goes on. I love this quilt!
I am showing some of my old quilts I did many years ago. This quilt was sold a long time ago but I always like a happy cat in a fun garden with lots of color...the border is all plaids.
One of my students named Carmen was getting ready to leave class and I happened upon her purse and I just loved it so got a quick photo of it. Isn't it cool?
I have been working on some new things and hoochy borders for them. As you can see by my piles I am getting alot done and I love those dots with all of the other much fun!
 Hope you are keeping a gratitude keeps you aware and it makes you more thankful and therefore more creative-it's been proven and I believe it! Once you start making lists of things you are thankful for, it is easy to see new things....then you could make thousands of entires (I am not kidding) on all of your blessings...we all have blessings in our lives no matter who we are.
Freddy Moran and I made this quilt together. Freddy did the border and I did the woman and things is alot of fun and it is heavy because it is covered with dozens of heavy shell buttons...I usually do not take it on the road.... hope you enjoy it too. If you aren't using some fun colors, you might want to give them a try, they make you ever so happy!
Hope you have a wonderful and joy filled week! I love comments friends....


  1. I love seeing the quilts from your students, so creative and fun.


  2. You know, I was looking at one of your books yesterday and I noticed that your quilts are timeless...or you are ahead of your time because they look like you could have made them today. Whimsey just never goes out of style and you are really a whimsey expert. I'm doing a project to finish 4 of my UFO's before I start another quilt so I have to be careful about looking at your books...they so make me want to start something new! Cheery wave from Bev