Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I brought piles of beautiful dumb dots by Michael Miller to the Cupcake retreat and decided to do a bug quilt for my Granddaughter....I am always wanting something great to do techniques with and I had plenty to take on the road with me and also to make a sample and what better sample than bugs-my Granddaughter has loved bugs for four years and she is always looking for them to study and learn with....
Bees and butterflies has been a favorite this summer for my Granddaughter so I have been strip piecing stripes and making butterflies and dragonflies....she likes most anything that flies and in fact holds bees in her hand and proclaims..."they won't bite me that know I won't hurt them and I am not afraid of them"...and she has never been bitten...we call her the bee whisperer
My Grandson caught a bee last year after watching his sister and was promptly bitten...he doesn't try anymore...he just watches her like we all do....
Isn't it fun hoW you can take dots and they all blend and look so pretty? The colors all mesh and will work well for a nice girls bed quilt....
I will be adding embroidery and buttons for eyes and feelers and legs where needed
I added a stem and leaves on the stem for my flower...I hope to work more of those in....along with my Granddaughter's name and something about bugs or bees....
If you are planning a pretty quilt, dumb dots by Michael Miller is a good choice!
Comments will be welcome and in two weeks I will draw three lucky winners and send them a nice prize....


  1. That is a fun idea for a quilt, I have lots of strange bugs on the porch, would be fun to design a piece with a silly bug.


  2. Love the bugs,flowers and dots. They play good together! :0)

  3. Bugs and dots - who would have thought they'd look so good together!?!

    Great idea for your Bee Whispering Granddaughter - I'm sure she'll love it, especially because her Grandmother made it for her with love!

  4. GReat quilt MaryLou!!! Love it!

  5. That is ADORABLE! Dots are my favorite! It's a great idea to do a quilt in all dots. I'll have to try that after my ufo project is finished....it could happen....yes....I could get it finished....

    Cheery wave from

  6. What a great choice of fabrics to use. It almost looks like you are looking out through a mesh screened porch at the bugs beyond.

    She will be so pleased with having such a creative Grandma!

  7. It's amazing how the dots bring the whole quilt together even if the colors don't necessarily "go". Very cool and a good artistic lesson!