Saturday, July 7, 2012

Give Me Michael Miller and Timeless Treasures for My Summer projects! What are you buying?

I wanted to share my new favorite fabrics that I plan to use. First of all I want to say I am getting very picky about the standards on the cottons I am using for my quilts. Some companies are making junky fabric and I want good weight cotton for my projects. These fabrics impressed me for a nice weight and good quality and I can't wait to get started.
The dots are called DUMB DOTS- who names this stuff anyhow? Michael Miller is one of the companies I like to buy from for many their goods and designs too. These dots are fun for obvious reasons and they are packed in my suitcase for the week...we'll see what fun things we get to do with these....
Haha this fabric from Timeless Treasures made me laugh...isn't this funny and wouldn't it be fun in a story quilt of some kind? Even just placed in a quilt randomly would be nice.

Here is the fabric as a whole...lots of messages for fun-how about a city quilt?

MORE DUMB DOTS by Michael Miller designs _I am calling them Delicious Dots-they are plain Jane's that we can dress up any way we want-JOILA!- I had a dress for a fifth grade afternoon dance that my Mother made me out of pink and white dots and white and pink dots with a darling collar and scalloped hem = just like these dots- it might be why I love them so much!
I am the Queen of dots and LOVE using them and I collect them as I travel-my newest and most favorite dots -there is nothing dumb about them. Sorry to be redundant. Wait until you see what I create using them...I am on my way to Whidbey Island and plan to make flowers like crazy and pots and bees and other stuff using mostly these dots and a plain background...will be so much fun!
In case you think Michael Miller only did these colors....maybe you should keep reading...haha
I may use reds and whites or brown and pinks and aquas or lime greens and orchids and purples or grays and soft colored dots or??? Do you see how it could be a challenge- so maybe I will use them all!

For all of us that sew  black on white fabric or white on black the following are  tons of fun and would go with any great colored fabric, make a good apron, blouse, ironing board cover, bag or curtains in your sewing huh? Watch what I do with it in my future blogs....
I have been using words in alot of my newer house quilts that I take on the road...I thought that this fabric would be perfect with a quilt shop and birds on!
I think I have enough of this to do an inside border for a  great quilt. Wouldn't this be the best? Love the basic graphics
 by Timeless Treaures and how it will look with color! Awesome stuff!
    Your projects are only as good as the fabric you buy and I am looking at the design first and then who makes it...I have crossed three fabric companies off my list because if you hold their fabrics up to the light you can see right through them...and also they fray out terrible...this is a sign, they are cutting back....
I also steer clear of anyt fabric that is stiff thick and still has dye in it...once you wash it the color is going to go right down the drain and the cotton will be whimpy too.
Buy good stuff with your hard earned money and feel the fabric before you buy it.
Can't wait to work on stuff using these fun fabrics!
And last but not least...this is really spinich by Timeless Treasures but I am going to use it for a tree that has birds, nests and "stuff in it...kind of folk arty....isn't this cool???


  1. I love finding unique fabrics for future projects and I do collect dots too. I am trying a small appliqué piece with dots, saw it on an old quilt and wanted to try it myself, but not thrilled with the material, does seems bit thin and not sure what type it is, found it in a new shop in fat quarter sizes.


  2. Fun fabrics...need to get to a show or do a roadtrip to find some interesting fabrics...