Saturday, July 28, 2012


I totally understand this cartoon....except I do have to say that my Grandkids are now good about cleaning up their forts, empty ice cream dishes, tiaras, dolls, crayons, legos and other fun things we have around here. I am thankful for the mess.
I remember very fondly when my Dad said to me (after I left home for college) "it used to drive me crazy to look in and see a messy room when you were home and now I would give anything to have it busy and messy again." I think that was one of the nicest things he ever said to me.
I don't know who does these funny photos of a handsome guy saying he loves a stash of good fabric etc....these are very funny...and very UNREAL
This is a photo of my dearest son and his sweet daughter on her birthday. I love them both very much.
This was from a pattern in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks is different than mine and I love it just as much....what nice person would not love a quilt that says this?
I think this photo is very funny....I saw one sort of like this when I was in France and it was about celulite and it had a woman's extra gurth pinned with wasn't nearly as appealing as this.....
The nice part about being home is having some time to actually paint and fool around with ideas....I have some great ideas for fabric and hope to get it on goods so I can work with it!
I think this is very exciting. Mel has been teaching young girls how to do hoochy style blocks and her little friend (age 12 or so) did this adorable pillow for her room....excellent!
Above is a nice and proud little girl who is sure to become an Out of the Box quilter!
I am putting this photo in because so many people think my quilts are small....once they see them in person, they see that I do not do small...unless it is wool.
    Hope you are staying cool this summer. I am laying low as my back is still giving me a few problems and I want to be in good shape for this Fall when I will see hundreds of you and show you how the fabrics you choose can make a HUGE difference with the quilts you make!


  1. I knew some were larger, but your photo really puts the size in perspective.
    It is a beautiful quilt. It is wonderful to see younger girls and boys, quilting and they are the perfect age to learn and use your techniques.


  2. Some cute chuckles today Mary Lou,

    Love the picture of your son and granddaughter, hope you have that framed in your home somewhere.

    I hope your back eases up, not too many things can be as bothersome as a sore back.

    Thanks for the picture of you and your quilt.

  3. Hoping your back feels better soon!

  4. Wow! Look at that quilt! No, I really didn't realize the size of your quilts! I found some of your fabric on eBay and bought it with Charlie's grooming money...poor little Charlie will remain shaggy for another week or so until I get paid..heh heh. It was worth it for me though...I wish you would re-do the line. I love the plaids and the dots...Try to stay's 108 here today and going to be 110 for the next week...uggg.

    Cheery wave from Bev

  5. Thanks for stopping by to visit! Molly's is the second cow I've seen popping up in the last couple weeks (first at Verna Mosquera's retreat and then the state fair), so I stopped by your blog to check out some of the cows the other day. And it's funny, but I was SO surprised to see Molly's photo here and there--she's taken a class or two from me, so I recognized her right away. Love your work--I've been a fan for years although I've yet to make a story quilt of my own. One of these days . . . .

  6. That is one big gorgeous quilt! Love the picture of you lying low and giving your back some down time, hope that you are gaining on that situation; I'm sending good thoughts your way.