Monday, August 20, 2012

Mary Lou takes a Lewis and Clark tour with her Grandkids for fun and Memories

These are some photos I took while on a trip with my two ten year old Grandkids. We went to Idaho and enjoyed the beauty and the wonder of Lewis and Clark's trek. Both kids studied this in school this year-they go to different schools. The photo above is on the wall of a Museum in Lewiston Idaho. Great fun to visit!
There are what miles and miles of the mountains looked like on the way to Orofino Idaho where Lewis and Clark sinally got to take canoes instead of walking. All I kept thinking is about the rattlesnakes that must live in these parts and if anyone on their experition got bitten.
Here are my Grandkids at an Italian resturant. They are always so happy to be together.
Here they are looking at the sunset in Lewiston idaho after a long day in the car.
There were lots of interesting signs to see
They tried out the canoes in two different cities and Museums. Their favorite was the one with the dog who they had studied about also and they said the dog named Seaman trecked the entire trip with Lewis and Clark.

Memories are fun things to build and a quilt with a memory is a great idea also.
Hope someone here enjoys this....

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  1. What a fun thing to do with your grands! I know they will have wonderful memories of this fun trip together they will some day tell their grands about! Maybe even a quilt or two will someday show up with events of this trip.