Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Mary Lou Does and GrantsPass,Oregon Workshop

Every once in awhile someone contacts me and says that they are not familar with my work. I forget to put things on that are just mine as I like sharing all kinds of things on my blogs. So here is a little spread of what I do. I have done so much more and I have many new quilts right now almost done and ready to send to the quilter.
The first quilt here is my Christmas quilt shich many of you have seen. It is a quilt about our family at Christmas and it is beaded all over the background...see those little dots? They are beads and the tree is loaded with beads, crystals and sequins as well as a Dresden plate block for the angels skirt (my Grandmother made this many years ago). It has all of the things I love-color, story, sentiment and whimsy.
This is one of my favorite photos-it is a student who made this flower in one of my classes at the LaConner Quilt Museum...I smile everytime I see this.
This quilt is the perfect example of "Hoity Toity Houses" class. It is a house I "built" and then each window has a family member in it and all of my Grandchildren in the sky and it is for my Grandson Jack. Fun, color and a story.
I love this quilt and  the colors are really quite beautiful and everything is plaids and plaid like fabrics...I love plaids and I hope to design another plaid line one day. Anyway the quilt has houses and things around the houses and my three children and there are three guardian angels to complete the fun.

The book below is one of five books I have written and this one is about making story quilts and how to gain creativity and bring your artist OUT. Many people (shop owners and quilters have told me that when they need some ommph and creativity, they grab this book, take it to bed and read it and they are ready to go in the morning on something wonderful. This book was written just to do that.
I love easy piecing and I also love the kinds of fabric I know make better quilts. I teach this in my workshops. Below is a set of blocks I made for a southwest quilt.
Easy piecing and whimsy is my style and below are just some blocks I put together for fun.
If you would like to take the Oregon class, please contact It is a two day workshop and will be held in Grants Pass Oregon. If you live fairly close why not get a hotel room and come and take the class and hang out with me? I promise it will be lots of fun!
For more of Mary Lou's work check out her other blog-


  1. very fun quilts! I really have to buy your books, or take a class from you. do you ever come to Canada?

  2. I Love Plaidville!!! So many very FUN houses!!

  3. All of your quilts are beautiful and FUN, but that Christmas quilt is "the bomb"! (that's something really, really good - right?)

  4. I am really in the mood to make some fun quilts, just for the fun of it.
    For now I am driving myself nuts, learning the hard way that satin is not a good fabric to work with, so i have to go find a fabric that works for a wedding pillow and doesn't snag.


  5. What fun! And what color! The bugs are cracking me up.

  6. I'm off at that time, but trying to do some stuff around my hot condo. It is over 30C today and yesterday, may have to get the a/c going.

    I'm working on my applique for my story quilt, changing some of the fabrics for my car.

    Love to see what you've got going on!

  7. Was she living in a cave, lol. I cannot imagine anyone who does not know you and your wonderful quilts.
    I love Plaidville, would be fun to make something like that with my town.


  8. I have all of your books and I have a "written" goal of taking one of your classes either at Madeline School or at Asilomar (even better - both!) When I say "written," by that I mean goals I have written down as "must reach" goals. Some of them are short term ones and some are long term. I write a plan for achieving each goal and I work on a piece of it everyday - kind of like patchwork coming together as a finished quilt! I love the bugs!

  9. oh mary louuuu, when, oh when, are you coming back to the new england area? i had a schedule conflict when you were at maine quilts 2 yrs ago but i am simply salivating at taking one of your classes...