Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Posts in a Day! Please read Both-Fun with Quilting

I have a great block swap room in my Yahoogroups room and we swap blocks for fun. I am working on a book now that will have many blocks, quilts from the blocks and Ideas in it. The quilt above was a swap we did at Christmas time where people bought green fabric from me and made blocks to swap. Then they put the blocks they got together into a tree. This quilt is by Mary Kate who is positive and fun and creative. She said "I didn't have time to sew down my binding." But isn't this fun anyhow? Love everything about it including the background. Imagine this with buttons added to braches...I always like to get buttons in my quilts I guess.
I had someone write today about doing their dog with one of my patterns. I thought it would be good to show you this darling quilt where they used the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book and then used the flower power patterns to fill in along with some hoochy ideas...I think this is wonderful!
I keep running into good stuff to share and this page below really meant alot to me. I hope this means something to you and that if you "think" you are unsuccessful in something that you take an honest look at yourself and see if there is something you can improve. After all, none of us is perfect!
I see a few I could improve for sure.

I had to share this adorable quilt! The pattern for both the bird and the words is in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book and if you order from me, you get a fat quarter of fabric, a pin and a post card.
Also I am teaching for AQS next year in April in Iowa and we need 30 cows for that show. If you haven't done a cow, please consider doing one. The pattern is in the book I just mentioned.
It is always fun and a real spirit lift when I see one of my books for sale in a store. Someone sent me this photo of the book in JoAnn's. Made me smile.
Just thinking of you and hoping you are inspired. I am working on six (YES) projects and hoping to have three done soon for my quilter...the other three won't be far behind and everyone will think I just sew like the wind....I don't.
I am enjoying sewing with Timeless treasures Fabric right now.
It is a fun little pattern I hope to put in my new book.
Summer is coming to a close and soon we will all be indoors sewing.
If I am coming to your area, please take a workshop from me. I really want to show others how to hoochy your quilts and do free and easy piecing along with some applique that has sentimental connections for you!
I had to load some of my tomatoes on here...I make the BEST gazpacho in the world! I love these vegies this time of year!
Hope you are writing a little gratitude list...the more you are grateful for, the more that comes your way...don't believe it? Try doing a list for awhile and see what happens!



  1. I really like the tree idea, thought at first that you swapped the round ornaments. I was thinking that would be a fun idea for a group swap, make a tree of our own, then swap quilted ornaments with each other to put on the quilted tree.


  2. Great to see our Christmas ornament swap almost finished. I have to finish off the bottome of my tree and then do some quilting.

    I hope to have it hanging this year.

    Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  3. I wish you would come to my area so I could do a class with you but alas I am in Australia!

  4. Thank you for sharing once again Mary Lou - love the Christmas tree quilt!

    The comparison list was an eye-opener for me and definitely a source of inspiration. With my 65th birthday coming up, I surely want to make some changes in what's left of my life.

  5. Thanks for the picture of the quilt with the dog. I thought maybe I could use the cow head and make it work. I love the book Out of the Box with easy blocks. Can't wait to get something started!

  6. Just happened across your book & blog. My discovery's made me infinitely richer. Lady, I love your style!