Sunday, September 30, 2012

HuntsVille Alabama a wonderful place that supplied many new ideas and lovely Southern Friends

Here I am in Huntsville with Jodi who was one of my hostess's. We went to Harrison Brothers Hardware...a fabulous OLD hardware store that is owned by the city and has all of the old things in an old store and new things to was so wonderful to visit. If you are ever in Huntsville this is a must see!
There were so many things on the old shelves that I remember and in piles on surfaces...I remember going to an old store like this was I was teeny in my Grandmother's town in Wardner BC Canada....this just took me right back lovely. I bought three pumpkins out of old corragated metal that were polka dotted and the lady looked at me like I was nuts...she said "what are you going to do with those big pumpkins? "I said "decorate with them". She just smiled....I could tell what she was thinking...
Loved how the floors were rickety and uneven like the old days....everything about this was charming....I love to see history and art and I got to see both on this trip. The South has lovely things to see always.
This was such a lovely art show and I am a new fan of this guy!
Next, Jodi took me to the Alabama Museum of art. It was a wonderful Museum and the colors and space inside were fabulous.
 We saw this show and they let me take photos...I am a new fan of Sloan's ( a man)!

The colors are enchanting and beautiful and his gift of putting together stories is wonderful and so fun to see in person. This would translate to quilts well I think...
These pieces are large...I would guess 45" inches by 50" and up....the colors are incredible and the things he uses like piano keys and spoons and radios and clocks and car speedometers are so great.
Isn't this inspiring? Can you pull ideas out of these images for your stories and your art work? I think these are so much fun and if I didn't know better I would think the little girl with the fudgecycle in the photo with the cars is me....
Hope this brings some joy to sure did me! 


  1. That looks like a fun place to shop, and I hope you show your pumpkins and how you decorate with them.


  2. Yowser! These are great! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  3. My SIL lives near Huntsville, I am going to tell her to go visit this exhibit.