Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Memphis, a Lovely Place to Visit

This wonderful block is by Dana while I taught in Memphis. The girls there had all kinds of ideas and wonderful stashes and enthusiasm too.
I thought these fabrics were pretty and I expecially loved the plaid at the bottom on the left...don't you?
Once when I was teaching at Asilomar, someone came in and said "it looks like a clown blew up in this room"- I thought it was a wonderful comment and think of it often
Flower Power class was alot of fun and fun people too...there are always fun people who sign up for this class...I never get tired of teaching it and seeing what people come up with!
Here are some hoochy blocks the girls came up with...we all love the freeform flying geese!

This is Dana's quilt frame for her self portrait that will be the head and shoulders and things that relate to her growth in wisdom....I think it is going to be great. She is doing lettering at the top over the lime green background you can hardly see...super Dana!
One of my most favorite excercizes is cutting shapes and the cowgirls are my favorite...they are so much fun! No drawing, just cutting and aren't they super?
Flower pots always make me happy...they are all so different and so fun
We had a fire drill- the alarm went off and they made us leave the building and our machines and quilts! Yikes....false alarm, all was well and we started in again

Memphis is a wonderful place to visit with many people from all over the US living there. German Town and Collierville were where I visited mostly and there are wonderful restaurants and shops and museums there.

 Keep watching as Graceland photos are next and beautiful Memphis photos too


  1. Love seeing the photos from your workshops, Mary Lou and all the blocks you show. Gives me ideas as everyone's fabric choices are so different. Each set you post reminds me of the workshop in Tulsa in April I drove up from Texas to attend. Love those hoochy flying geese especially! One thing I missed was how to make those hoochy geese with each of the geese being a different fabric as I have seen in some of your posts. Can't figure that one out. But I do love these! Keep posting lots of pictures!

  2. I'm from Memphis, born there and lived there until I was ll, then my Dad got transferred and I moved back there for nursing school at age 18. Married, stayed, and left again at age 37. I LOVE Memphis and always lived in Midtown.

    I wasn't a quilter when I lived in Memphis so have peered at the lovely women in your classes and wonder if I know any of them. In that many years, folks change.

    Yep, love the food: Top's Barbecue; Jim's Place East for Greek; Pancho's for Mexican; and don't miss lunch at The Women's Exchange on Racine St.. Save some time for a wander around the shop there where you can buy all sorts of wares made by women from all over the country, but mostly from the South.

    Are you coming to Richmond anytime in the not too distant future?