Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HAPPY STORY QUILTS with Mary Lou at Asilomar

Penni finishes her background and her drawing is below. Penni met her husband in Vietname around the time of 9/11. She was a widow and a nurse and he worked in the operating room and he was a widower. They LOVE to dance and do alot of dancing out and in their kitchen too. Such a fun story. Won't these dancers be wonderful on her colorful background? SO cute!
Here is Kim who is doing a story about herself on a vespa...she is holding a wine glass and her dog and golf clubs are on the back....drinking in a quilt and driving are legal...Kim is a pip ...
This is my adorable hostess Vicki Jones....she is so cute! Loved having her help....
The quilt below is by Pam Griffith-she has taken my classes before and does great work. She is doing her house with little chicks in it for her darling Grandkids...with flowers and all kinds of happy things....her background is a fabulous turquoise is going to be wonderful...she has a pieced house to add that is delightful in many ways...very whimsical
Our Motto in my workshops is "igf You Always Do What You Have Always Done, You Always Get What You Have Always GOT!" SO, Think OUTSIDE THE BOX!
Elly, Esterita and Mary Lynn (my student) from Memphis...NICE Gals!
Above is Christie Cutting who has gone to Asilomar for years and she is doing the saying "What IF the Hokey Pokey IS what it is ALL about?...her border is beautiful and done....She gave me one of the nicest compliments I have ever received...
Susan Powell is above and a repeat student...she is doing a window with she and her husband in bed with coffee cups looking out at the birds and trees and flowers...she is magic with color...I wish you could see this palette in person....New Hampshire is her home and she came with her sister Pam
Above is the sign post to our class....
Below is Susan McKenzie who is doing her birthday cake for a big birthday....she has awesome border blocks and is doing this in bright and happy colors for her home...LOVE the happy feel of her colors and drawing
This was a stretch one afternoon, Penni led everyone in some excercize and it drew lots of laughs and made everyone feel energized for more work....
We had 22 lovely lovely women in class. I used to take 25 or 26, but I can only handle 22 now....and I have to say if I had people like this class I could handle 100...five days of no complaints and nothing but positive comments and friendships made for a wonderful to have such NICE girls
I look like a dope here but everyone else looks this!
This is Stephanie and I wish I had a better photo of her borders...she is fabulous with color and I helped her draw her Granddaughter and she will be surrounded with images of her drawings all around her....see the darling cat? She did sunshines and the cutest owl I have ever seen! I "think" I will see Stephanie next year....
This is Janice in front of Pam's quilt. Janice is a go getter and does fabulous work with fabuolous color....she is appliquing on her border and doing a quilt about Ann from Denmark who also took the fun!
This is Barbaras border blocks on the left (aren't her flying geese great?) and Linda's corn for her Farm quilt on the right....awesome.
Linda came to my Idaho retreat last year....
We all brought little fairy gifts to leave by people's sewing machines. I always do this and give tiaras in my longer workshops. You cannot believe the darling things people brought...flavored salt, purse note books and pens, crayons (NEW and a great paper about coloring outside the lines, Fabric, candy from Denmark and some from the US, bubbles, refrigerator notepads,pens and I have to look to see what fun!
We will do this at the Idaho retreat also....
This is Jamie who helped my Hostess and Vicki who was my hostess. Both were so fun and so positive....see our cow pins and our tiaras? Got some of the girls talked into making a cow and some will be headed up to Idaho for the retreat...they are driving so they can haul stuff home from FARM CHICKS show.
    I cannot download all of my photos onto my computer but will get it fixed this weekend so I can show you the other girls.
If you were in the class and have good photos, please send them.
This class was such a nice week with girls who all got their borders done and their pictures blown up and ready to applique...stay tuned for more photos of our wonderful and happy time doing stories about who and what we love!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time and made a lot of wonderful new friends. So many wonderful ideas for their quilts and I hope they share them with you and us, when they finish them.


  2. What a nice group of quilting ladies! Looks like you all made some good friendships and beautiful quilts!

    Hope to see their quilts here one day!

  3. Once again you are a great spark for creativity to quilter everywhere. Thanks for sharing some more pictures with us.