Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moorage makes it debute....Rebecca and COW how to's and details, easy piecing for Whimsical Creativity!

Rebecca who is from Nebraska has done two cows and both are great. Isn't the theme and the fabric and the details in this cow awesome????
Have you started your cow yet? We have a LITTLE time and then we need everyone's details in for the shows we are putting together.
The pattern for the cow is in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to do and then the fun of details and embellishments.
Hope you take the challenge. It is so much fun!
GREAT job Rebecca, I love this!
Rebecca has long been a member of my swap groups and here are the trees she received and also the houses for another swap.  She is putting them together along with words...so fun! I just love it.
     If you haven't taken a workshop from me, please consider coming to one. I will be at Villagequilters.org this coming week and would love to show you easy piecing and some of my storyquilts too. You learn a little and expand on the basics for fabulous results....very very fun!
Easy piecing can be birds, hats, animals, flowers and a ton of other fun things....the sky is the limit.
Fish-you cannot believe the cool things you can do here....
Bees! A zillion kinds of bees so much fun!
Owls...you cannot believe how many different owls one can come up with...so much fun!!!
I am not sure whose Cowgirl this is and hope that she sees this...If this is YOUR cow, please contact me! It is adorable!!!
IF you aren't doing easy piecing, you are missing out on a ton of fun, color, and new friends! If I am in your area, please join in! We love new happy and positive friends!
I am getting questions again about the cow quilts.  The pattern for the cow is in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book. We ask that everyone begin with this basic pattern that takes about 2 1/2 hours to make. Then you add the fun stuff to go along with your theme which can jump off of the words "MOO", "BEEF", "VEAL:", "HERD", :DAIRY", "STEER", etc....there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ideas out there...every place I do, people have NEW ideas with these words...it is so fun!
If you want to enter into the last show of the year we need your cow photos before June 20th.
You can do it! Just make up your mind that you can do it and you can...I do it all of the time.
We would welcome your cow to join the Cow Parade!
Write to me at Marylou@lattegirl.com
MOOntana, ChiCOWgo, COWlorful, MOOgoogaipan,MOOvelous, Dairy Queen,Dairy Fresh, COWch (sofa), MOOn over my Mammy, MOOchachos, MOOtisse, PiCOWso, and so on.....


  1. I love Rebecca's cow! And her house quilt is coming along so nicely! I am still fiddling with mine! But getting closer to putting some borders on. And the OWLS!! OMG I love them. Hmmm,,,,,maybe I need to do some of those next!


  2. That is such a fun play on words and I like the cowgirl fabric as a cow too, great ideas and inspiration quilts.


  3. Mary Lou-where do we find details for the cow quilts? I know where the pattern is, but i need details of dates etc. I have an idea-it is even drafted-just need a deadline.

  4. I loved making those owls and having fun picking out my fabrics to give visual texture to them.

    I think they may have to come along with me to Post Falls to be made into a quilt top along with 40-11 other things!