Sunday, June 23, 2013

Count Your Many Blessings Today

It's a new day and Mark was chatty and so enjoying visitors that stopped by.
He got two greeting cars with nice messages and when people were not around he opened them up a couple of times and got very teary.
He called his boss today and said he would not be back....he said that was bittersweet. he has always been such a good worker and wanted to take total pride in how hard he worked. I am going to teach as much as I can for the next year to help out. Please keep me in mind if your guild or group would like a class. I have new things I am doing and can teach as well as the regulars.
     My kids are beside themselves but are so thankful that people are praying.
Thank you most sincerely for your lovely prayers...this means so much to us.
So many changes have happened in the last few! Our lives turned upside down! We are now living each day for itself like it should be.
I am thankful for little things still....
My husband reaching for my hand
birds beautiful songs, my poppies in bloom
 someone who held the door for me today
a hug from my two Grandchildren
a hug from my daughter
nice inlaws for my son
my husband's honesty and a few tears
A couple of close friends who offered a nights stay if we drive across the US...
food in my fridge because I had just gone to Costco
hand lotion for my purse at the hospital
a pile of fabric on my table
quilting friends
green grass
the hand soap at the hospital
clean clothes
my own bed...
    Count your blessings feels so good


  1. Mary Lou,
    I have never taken your classes but I have your books and read your blog. You have been in my thoughts today. Isn't that amazing that people that don't even know each other can be concerned?! I am glad to hear your husband is still with you and sounds like he is doing well. Keep us posted!

  2. I am so happy to hear that Mark is doing so well and yes, things like this make us appreciate the little things and what is important in life. Continued prayers for you both and a new chapter in your life.


  3. So happy to hear he is doing well! Life is a challenge!

  4. Sounds like good news. Will keep praying. My husband had a heart transplant almost 5 years ago and I have survived a sarcoma and a melanoma. God is good everyday. Life is good. Will be praying for you as well.

  5. Great photo of Mark in action Mary Lou, it is always a joy to see him show up at the end of the retreat or pop in unexpectedly and say hi while I'm in Post Falls with you.

    May I have many more years to see his smiling face with you in it's glow.

    Mom and I are thinking of you both,

    Stay well and positive.

  6. I will keep Mark and you and your family in my prayers for sure MaryLou. xoxo

  7. Everyday is a blessing. As an older but cute senior my husband and I spend most of our time together enjoying our live as it swiftly goes by. Every moment is a gift as you and Mark travel a new road together enjoy every moment. Prayers are always following you both.

  8. So glad to learn the good news! I will be keeping you and Mark in my prayers. This is surely a day to be grateful!

  9. I'm so glad for you both! Prayer works and you have a lot of people who care about you! We will keep praying for a speedy recovery and for Mark and for you too. I think it is as stressful (or more so) for the people who have to watch and wait and sit in the hospital while you get used to the reminder that you have no control. My little grand-daughter had brain surgery twice. I so know how that is! Take good care!


  10. Thanks for the GREAT news!!!!!! It's so wonderful to hear that prayers were answered. I've been praying and, checking your blog for any news. Please know that you'll both be in my prayers. I agree wholeheartedly that everyone should count their blessings. I always try to see the bright side it's always the better side. I'm so happy for you and your family. Thank you for making my day, with your great news!!! ;-> Toni Anne