Thursday, June 13, 2013

JOHN C> CAMPBELL offers up great experiences as People Still Make Things!

Jan came back to the school to do her story since she had her border done. Janis from Tulsa and she and her husband come together. He takes blacksmithing and he is awesome at it. His class was doing chickens and he decided to do a peacock.  After some sewing and figuring Jan decided to make a peacock too. The body is now cheddar...guess who suggested that color...
The theme of John C.Campbell Folk School is "We are still making things." So she did this above her peacock. Now the family has a wonderful large metal one for the garden and one for the wall too! Isn't this awesome?
If you would like to take a five day workshop in a beautiful place (Brasstown ,North Carolina) then this is a good bet! The food is wonderful and the people who come are really great. You go away on a cloud of happiness...there's a story for you.,
Also, if you do not get their catalgue, you are missing out. Just type in "John C. Campbell" into google and you can sign up for it. It is kind of like how it used to be when you got your Christmas catalgue as a kid.
Here is Jan's husband's is fab and has blue beads set into it....
Above are a couple of chickens from the Blacksmithing class...I wish I have better and more peacock photos
Below is Charlotte's quilt called "Music to Paint by". It is her husband painting and his nephew playing the sax as he worked. I often tell people in my lectures that if you do a story quilt about a man it is their favorite quilt. After saying this in class, Charlotte talked to her husband on the phone and he said "did you show Mary Lou that quilt of me painting?" "It is the best one you have ever done." We had a good chuckle over that in class. It is a NEAT quilt...wish you could see these in person.
Charlotte lives in Florida and Laura her sister lives in Texas and they come and take a story quilt class almost yearly to be together. They are hilarious and they have so many stories. They are good about sharing ideas and even fabric with other classmates. I love this when people share and have fun with each other in class.
Charlotte's story quilt about her family at the beach was wonderful to see as the characters came to life...the lady with the hot dog is her Mother and the little girl in the water is laura her sister and I think the girl with the hotdog is her....Super!
Here is a border all ready for the quilt story...I love the butterfly don't you?
This darling lady is Laura's Grandma in her two Grandma's story quilt....darling!
Here is the other Grandma...isn't the birdbath wonderful and the dogs? This is going to be such a wonderful story quilt too. Laura and Charlotte have done many story quilts and their family is so lucky...they will have all of this history.
      I heard from a friend yesterday that one of my students who is just wonderful has brain cancer and she is some institution and her friends finished her story quilt about her husband and she has it on her wall to comfort her. Isn't it nice that she has such a quilt. Have you done a story quilt? Maybe you should consider it.
Here is the beginning of the hen house
Here is the lunch box at the beach on Charlotte's! She is making a rickrac pie crust when it is quilted.....
Didn't this lady do a good job with her chicken?
Above is the beginning of my John C.Campbell garden and I add more leaves to my chard and leaves to my beets....below is the real garden...
I am looking for the rest of my photos which are somewhere in my you ever feel this way?
I took this photo while sitting on the porch...isn't this beautiful?
This reminds me so much of West Virginia's Cedar Creek where I also teach for five days....
This iron work is on the outside banister of one of the is so beautiful and each twist is another shape....there are bits and pieces of beautiful folk things all over this campus and it is a place to go and forget about your cares and really get into the process of creating. If you think that sounds good, please sign up for my workshop next year in May. You won't be sorry.
I fly into Atlanta and drive 2 1/2 hours to Brasstown and the drive is wonderful


  1. The two peacocks are great, love the ladies chicken.

    The ironwork looks interesting, I'd love to go to that part of the U.S. sometime soon.

  2. Wonderful quilt to go with their other art pieces, really fun.
    Love the new story quilts and the grandma piece, guess I need to make one of those.


  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place! So many creative opportunities!!

    It reminds me of the Fletcher Farm School in Vermont - they teach many old-style crafts too.
    In addition to quilting, there's weaving, wood carving, bobbin lace making, watercolor, basket weaving and more! Ahh... the good old days!

  4. What a great time you and the ladies must have-love the peacock and all the rest too. The scenery is grand!

  5. I love everything you do. ALWAYS Fun!