Sunday, October 6, 2013

COWS Grazing in Iowa a BIG Hit! What Fun and how Creative!!!

The quilt above is by Sandy from Davis CA. I love it. See that it is an adorable chocolate shop and Miss Cow is quite fashionable!
The cow show at AQS had 45 cows all in a big herd. It was lovely hearing all of the laughter and comments about the cows. One nice gentleman said "that was the first show I have ever been to where I hear so much laughter and so many comments." It is fun to share the comments and the appreciation for the creativity with others there in amongst the herd. No matter where we show the cows (Mel McFarland and I who curate these shows together) people LOVE them and the fun and creative spirit behind them. Perhaps you have not made a cow. Please think about it. Our pattern is in the book "Out of the Box with EASY blocks" by Mary Lou Weidman and Mel McFarland". It is easy to do for all quilters and does not take long to put together the simple shapes...then you get to go and add your touch and imagination and invention.
I teach this as a workshop and would LOVE to come to your guild to do these with you. It is a two day workshop that is filled with ideas about how to stretch and think "out of the box" and enjoy invention and giggles together.
AQS has other shows- so far the cows are not scheduled but we can hope.
Phoenix: Enter by October 9, 2013
Lancaster: Enter by November 6, 2013
Paducah: Enter by December 6, 2013
Charlotte: Enter by March 12, 2014
Grand Rapids: Enter by April 2, 2014
Chattanooga: Enter by April 23, 3014
Des Moines: Enter by June 4, 2014
Order the book and get this pin! plus some fabric and a post card....

To order the book, go to and  (I have two other books for sale).

Quilt by Kathy from Atlanta...this got alot of comments and who doesn't love the hoochy background?
Quilt by Leanne from Western Washington...pretty clever!
This quilt is by Pat from Texas who did two great cow quilts...even cows love chocolate
Cow is by Mel who even did a dimensional tongue....she has milagros all over the cow's body
Sandy from California did this cool cow and the udder has wine corks on it...
Close up of COWman Miranda by Sue from California.....COOL!
Cow by Pam from California and the udder is loaded with pink buttons....
Carol from Arizona did a cow and a bull at the movies called "COWsblanca" (haha)
This is how the cows looked hanging together....FUN, that's how....
Jamie from California did these darling cows that are "sMOOching"....
We keep getting new cow photos weekly so we will continue doing these COW Stampede's with new and old cows for people to see. I don't think you have to live in a farming community to "get" Creative Cows! FUN and laughter and creativity is the name of the game!
This is my quilt- when I teach workshops I give out a large list of ideas and you can always find ideas on my older blog pages too.  Farbic also gives you ideas like "Martini" fabric that could be" MOOtini" - if you can brainstorm with girlfriends or family or office workers you can make your own large list!
Sue from Castaic California did this pretty.
Pretty haning in a herd don't you think?
Here is Terri and I with her Cow Tipping quilt...her nice husband took this photo...
Below Molly from California did a Fall Quilt (Halloween)-Love the whimsy
Modern or MOODERN quilt by my neighbor Connie and to share in a project....
Below Sue did the Cowman fun
Looke at this detail! NICE bracelets!
Rebecca from Nebraska did this MOOrage quilt and the details and choice of fabrics were great....
Charlotte from Florida did "MOOlah" and it has coins hanging from a purse for the udder...lots of fun detail here
Stay tuned, I have more to add later.
Thank you sincerely for each of the girls who commented on my studio remake. It saved my sanity really and made me happy to begin quilting again.
Now that my husband is ill and am more determined than ever to do stories about us and when he was little for diary pieces that will be around for people to see. If you have not made a story quilt, please think about it and that it will be a testament for who and what YOU love that will be studied later on.
Out of the Box (story quilts and creativity book) will tell you how to go about doing one.
You girls who visit my blog keep me going and I am sincerely so thankful to you for all of the kindness you have shown me. It just goes to show that when I say "everyone should be a quilter to find sture friendships that last a lifetime" I am right.
Thanks for being my friend, I mean that sincerely. I feel loved and blessed.
This was a sign on the window at the convention funny.
I was sitting in the livingroom just kind of thining and meditating and I went to go and turn the light off and I saw this angel shadow from my chandeleer and felt very comforted...lovely isn't it?


  1. Who would have known that there are so many ways to make a cow fun, lol. Love seeing what others make and how creative they are.


  2. Thanks for sharing the photos of the herd Mary Lou, they look great! Wish I could have seen some of the new ones in person.
    Can't wait to see your pictures from the workshops you taught,
    See you in Houston!

  3. I always get a kick out of the cows and the wonderful creativity of the makers of them.

  4. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all the great cow quilt pictures!! What imaginations these ladies (and gentlemen?) have!?!?

    Thank YOU for being our friend and teaching us what inspiration can do!!!

  5. I loved the Cows at AQS week, Mary Lou! One of the great highlights of my week was meeting you and having the opportunity to visit with you. I think it might be time to try making a cow myself. I have had your book for a long time and have learned a great deal from it about creativity that I use in other projects. Thanks for your contribution to our world of Quilting!!

  6. These quilts are just wonderful, full of smiles and giggles and a tear or two I imagine. thanks for all the photos!

  7. What a great herd of cows. You and Mel should be very proud of yourselves to ignite all that creativity. I have a couple of projects pending until I can return to "Your Love is Moosic to my ears"-but i can't wait to return to it!

  8. What a moogic and marvelous way to start the day! These quilts are a hoot and a serious array of hilarious good fun!

    How is the car quilt coming along?

    I'm working on a small Hidden Wells variation which will (I hope) suit the person it is meant for.

    Hang in there. Prayers continue.


  9. Love the cows! Wish I was there to see you and take a class from YOU!! It would be fantastic if AQS would have you teach an another one of their shows! Your technique and style needs to be seen all over the country!

  10. So Fun as always! My "Going Glamping" Story quilt got a first place in 3-Dim at our Harrisonville Fine Art Show last week.

  11. Terrific EXHIBIT! I love them all!