Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall in the Northwest gives one joy and many Quilt Ideas too!

The weather is so beautiful here and God has made the colors so beautiful against the blue sky! Today we visited the pumpkin pacthes with our Daughter and grandson and it reminded me of certain Fall quilts I have made and that I am going to sell.
This seemed like an really important time for Mark to enjoy apple cider, apple pie, pumpkins and all of the things Fall brings including our kids and Grandkids. We had alot of nice laughs with this little boy today.
Many many acres of pumpkins of all kinds are left in the fields....I suppose they plow them under if they don't sell. They are sure pretty in the sunshine....
 Here we are enjoying so many blessings today...the sun always makes everyone feel better and Mark ate a hot dog for lunch with potato salad which was a blessing since he is on a really strong chemo this week. We are blessed.
This little chicken quilt is one I had when I taught my chicken class...isn't she cute? I grabbed a photo because she is kind of Autumn in a way...she IS a chicken after all
The little Autumn Kitty was a sample I did for a wqorkshop and then a magazine article. I love the colors and whimsy....
This is a scarecrow I did for a workshop. He is quite handsome I think...sorry the photo is not clear, I must have moved when I took it.
Close up
I have a number of quilts with my friend in California for sale that are Fall in theme also. My favorite is a scarecrow in a wheelbarrow on the back of a horse...very fun and very whimsical.
A Fall Quilt with Folk Art whimsy....buttons and fun are included....
Lots of fun and Fall colors in this whimsical wallhanging....
I am going to have a place to purchase these quilts and many more on my website at
We will not be posting these until I get home from Houston...around November 10th. I will have many baby quilts for little ones for Christmas gifts and other quilts of mine from all of my books.
Some people have written to inquire about a quilt they would like to own. You may do this also.
There are alot of nice quilts that will go to good homes and it makes me happy to think they might be a gift to one of you or to someone for the holidays.


  1. It looks like a wonderful way to spend the day and everyone had fun.
    Love the fall quilts, it definitely is a wonderful season for inspiration.


  2. So nice to see you and your husband smiling and having a happy day at the pumpkin patch! Great way to start the day!!

  3. What a perfectly delightful day with food, fun, and family! I'm happy Mark felt up to the outing and the food. He's looking good!

    The quilts are soooooo cute!