Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall quilt that I love and doll clothes to make little little girls happy.....

Working on my lady with a chicken on her hat. I did this one time years ago and did not like the colors (in Ruth McDowells class....I am redoing and like this much better. I LOVE color and flowers and whimsy...but then you knew that!
I LOVE quilted wreaths and have a fun class I teach that we put all kinds of images on a wreath (quilt) and add family names and whimsy and lots of buttons and trims like rick rack and just have a good time. Would love to have you in a workshop or teach for your guild. I will be at Quilter's Annon in Seattle in November...come and join us!
I don't know why I am posting this other than it made me have to find some levity in life and especially with politics....I have friends who are not working and it is very hard on them....
I am not sure if I showed you this but my friend Diane Harris from Nebraska (editor for a quilt magazine) is on my block swap list. This month we took Timeless Treasures TONGA packs and their "Sketch" fabric in Delft blue and made any block we wanted. I think she outdid herself with these beautiful blocks...can't wait to see the others....the colors are fabulous in person. Will share with you for sure.

Speaking of the swap, Mari Linfesty is the Grand Poobah who we all send your blocks to and she divides them and sends them on to us. This quilt she did is a combination of the owl swap and the pumplin swap....isn't this wonderful???
Leaves added are so pretty and heym the pumpkins are whimsical and pretty
Wouldn't you love this to hang or put on a bed? It is pretty wonderful.
Mel McFarland who co-authored my last book with me is a girl of many talents. My two Granddaughters received American Girl dolls from their other Grandmothers. I bought a clothing book and Mel offered to make the dolls some new darling clothes.I did not get photos of all of them but aren't the ones I did get photos of cute? The girls were both so excited and they quickly tried on all six of the outfits. The green dresses are Hawaiian fabric. Mel has a condo and a house in Maui. I LOVEd the pom pom trim she added to these. Both girls dressed their dolls in their pj's before they all went to bed. So cute and so nice to see them doing wholesome fun things I used to do. 
These girls are cousins and the girl on the left likes to be somewhat of a tomboy and hurt her face a little. :0) I think the dolls look like they are happy. Mel makes us all happy with her love.  
Think about this below because I wish many people I meet would look for the pretty, the positive, the good, the delightful, the awesome, the happy, the fabulous, the beautiful, the creative, the up-side, the delightful or just something that makes one feel good. Share your smile and your positive side with people who need an example!

Next I am going to show you the project I am doing for a friend for Market. Very fun and very creative....short stories make me happy.
ANY story makes me happy. Stay tuned for developing stories to come this week!


  1. Wonderful pieces and fun doll clothes. I have made some and a book with old fashioned outfits, would be fun to do some more.


  2. Thank you for an abundance of cute this morning! Cute little girls with their cute little dolls - so sweet!!

    Enjoyed your chicken hat and the inspirational Snoopy picture the most. I will share Snoopy with a friend who is in need.

  3. I can't wait to make American doll clothes for my 2 granddaughters. I have already started to collect patterns. Love the swap blocks. I am hoping to get on your list after we move in May-made a promise with myself not to START anything else before I move-working on FINISHING a few quilts before that time. Have a blessed week Mary Lou!

  4. Hope this is a good week! The pumpkin and owls sure made me smile too. And the doll clothes are getting on my radar, girls aren't quite ready for American girl dolls yet but in a year or so!!

  5. Just noticed your hubby (?) has brain cancer and I know exactly where you are (I think). My DH passed away 14 mo. ago from GBM--not sure if that's what your hubby has but I'll remember you guys in my thoughts and prayers.