Friday, November 8, 2013

ALL kinds of things in this Post!

Need I say more?
Cat from the Out of the Box with Easy blocks book...
Flower from one of my Flower Power workshops
Folk art quilt I did with Freddy Moran
My Quilter;s Retirement Home Story Quilt
Paointing I did with  credit card and paint....
Hoochy Mama and Flower Power Blocks. sold two and only a few left now....
Kim,s darling bird
Flower and Bird from my workshop
Beginning of quilt from my workshop
Flower from Flower Power Workshop
Flower from Flower Power Workshop...
Story Quilt from Sante Fe Guild  -story quilt class (isn't it wonderful?)
Flower Power blocks....Oregon guild workshop with Mary Lou
Story Quilt- designed by Mary Lou and made for JACC OPPORTUNITY QUILT
People wonder what else is in the Cow book. There are directions to do darling faces and these faces were done by Charlotte from Florida (one of the Bunny sisters).  I think it is fun to do your friends and family and there is a quilt in the book that each of my group the Cupcakes did...four girls and one guy. Very fun! WHO would you make?
I remember seeing this sign back East and loving it....I LOVE to smile and try to think of story quilts and other fun things to sew that make me and other people smile. Isn't smiling better than a frown? You bet!
Here is a photo and my feet of a lady with an alligator purse...called "Plaid to Meet You"...wonder what that quilt would look like today if I made it!
One weekend long ago I created a collage for a fabricline that did not get is too bad because it was very fun and had a Princess in little Princess's and YOU and I! In my longer story quilt classes I purchase REAL tiaras to hand out and it is fun to see girls wearing them all week long...everyone is quite stunning!
Julie Snow sent this photo of the Racy Cow...isn't that great?
For all of you ladies who have a special kitty you Grandson whose cat is his favorite laughed out loud when he saw this! :0)
I LOVE this photot sent to me by a friend of her Granddaughter making the cake from one of my books. I need to find the letter again for her name. Note the Disney ears! I LOVE photos like this and she will have this little quilt for many years to come and won't that be wonderful? I wish I had kept things like that too!
I don't know who the aritst is but isn't this little girl cute? I just love sewing wiyth my Grandkids!
I took this photo in Galveston at a meeting when I was teaching a couple of years ago. I do not have her name but I love this as a story quilt and can't you just "get" what she means by this? She must love cats too!
Just found thisd little photo mix up of Quilts from the Book "out of the Box with EASY Blocks"...this is the infamous "COW book. Order it at and get a fat quarter a cool postcard or two and a cow pin!
Just found this little angel quilt and am taking it on the road to Seattle to see if anyone wants to buy her. I have other quilts that we are putting on my website when I can figure out HOW. I have the directions but very little time. Sigh.
Lots of fun though.
"Speaking of Easy or "hoochy" piecing, I have these owls from one of my yahoo groups swaps. I gave out a simple pattern that everyone hoochied and look at these! Awesome right???
I now have six books I have found that are the "Hoochy Mama" quilts books. I also have five "Quilted Memory" book that are for sale.
If you write me an email I can send them out with a chunk of fabric and a cow pin or maybe another surprise pin, and a super postcard.
Hoochy Mama book is $20. just like the Flower Power one. You can go to my website and order any book and then just write in "I want Hoochy Mama instead or I want Quilted Memories instead. I can charge them through and send them off with the good stuff. :0) The Quilted Memories is $24.00.
Hoochy Mama is hard or almost impossible to find now. I only have a limited amount. First come, first serve.
Hoochy Blocks below both for story book borders and other things....Easy and Fun!

Above my friend Rebecca took Hoochy or Easy piecing far with great colors for fun!
Below my friend Sue Cresse made me this fabulous chair which sits in my sewing room for special guests....isn't it wonderful???One of my most favorite things!
And below are my samples that are now full quilts that I did when I taught a class in Nebraska for a guild. You might consider hiring me for your guild or shop and we can have alot of fun!
Sample of a students work in my workshop...
I have to end this with my Number ONE Grandson. He wanted to work with wool because he said it was soft. So while I worked on the wreath I am doing below, he worked on this adorable face block! Pretty cute.
The beginning of my wreath for my wool and/or cotton wreath class.
Hope your day is a happy one with color and friends and great expectations. Give a smile away to someone who doesn't have one. :0)


  1. Your quilts are full of fun and whimsey--guess its hard to have a bad day working on these fun projects

  2. I always enjoy seeing your blog, you make me smile:)


  3. I want a Hoochy Mama book and am ordering through the website in place of another book per your instructions. Am also ordering another book as well. Will note on my order. Thank you! One may be a Christmas gift for a friend who loves your creativity and was drooling over my blocks from a workshop I took with you in Tulsa.

  4. Ordered and email sent as well.

  5. Thank you for all the great pictures and smiles this morning, Mary Lou! I have a picture from your flower power book right by my computer for inspiration.

    My quilt book library has all of your books and the special pins you've sent me over the years. Your website always makes me smile ;-} Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. What a happy, colorFULL post and a delight to read just before beginning to sew very small Christmas fabric HSTs into conventional pinwheels fir small gifts.

    Love the picture of your very proud of himself grandson! Making things that sort of fit your imagined idea is the best!!

    Wishing you and Mark well.