Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankfulness, Story Quilts and Friend's we have made through Quilting and Crafting and Sewing ....

I saw this cartoon today and it really reminded me of where I am now in attitude and place in my life.

I have a little while left before I turn 65 (less than a year). In my mind though I feel about 35. That may seem silly but honestly if I did not know I had kids as old as I feel then I would think I am younger than they are...and in some ways, when I play with their children. I am.

Lately I have been assesing my place in the world lately and how my living is marked by places I go and people I meet. I have far more friends I have met on the road than here where I live. I think when I am home, I have so little time to make friends that I do not try. I hang out with my Grandkids who keep me young and are willing to experiment and have fun making things, going for walks, telling me how they feel at their young ages and just watching them laugh and love. If only people could keep that innocense of sense of joy.

Some of us, though faced with adult things that are worrisome or make us sad, can be filled with the blessings that God has given us every saingle Day. A pile of leaves that you stop to look at and try to count the colors and shapes and markings on them. The smell of Fall which brings your mind back to when you used to fall into a heap of leaves as a kid. Leaves as a kid are not a nuisance...they are an opportunity and I wonder how many adults today seep up the leaves and fall into them and take a big whiff of the crunchy smell and not worry about germs or ruining a coat or messing your hair...or if someone is watching.   Such JOY! Such fun!

Apples are such a part of this time of year and pears too. Apple Crisp, dipped apples, apple pan dowdy, apple crisp, apple brown betty, apple cobbler....lovely raw crisp sweet juicy apples....such a fall treat! And so visual and beautiful too.

Upon looking at the cartoon again, I want to give myself permission to laugh, and do silly things, and come up with ne ideas with girlfriends to experience life. I think sometimes as you get older invention, spontinaiety and living in the momet becomes harder. But Honestly, this is what makes you a better artist, a better friend, a happier person, a sharing person who wants to give of yourself. This is what kids see and it comes naturally.

So, as Thanksgiving time comes along, think of what you can be truly thankful for each day that is simple and not complex. Take joy in people, in nature in the ability to create and imagine and do something with your hands and eyes that bless others.
     Story quilts are about these things. Moments in time that you can take and make them last so that once you are gone, your memories will be lasting for others to see and enjoy. Every artist whould do some kind of a story about something magical and lasting and happy that they are thankful for. Because in the end, when you are gone, you will keep making other happy and wouldn't that be a lovely thing?
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving month, day by day.

Please continue to pray for my husband who is ill. We need prayers.    AND
I am on my way to Seattle to do two lectures for Quilters Annon and a wreath class. Hope to meet some of you there!


  1. Thank you for the cute picture of the "older" ladies at the start of your blog today! That's exactly what I want to be when I grow up - oh yeah... I'm already grown. I have to get that tee shirt with the saying "I'm the crazy aunt everyone warned you about."

    Thank you too for the beautiful Thanksgiving picture and wish from you. I sent it on to a quilting friend who's husband has a similar illness to your husband. I pray for you all.

  2. So last year I found 5 friends from grammar school. We live far apart and gave meet in person again once. The joy and rebound friendship uncluttered by all the things between has been so wonderful.
    Prayers for you all. I know you are taking joy in each day as it comes.

  3. That is a good attitude to have and your husband is in my prayers each night.


  4. You and your husband are included in my prayers each morning. So wonderful you can still get the opportunity to make art!

  5. You are a wonderful lady. You and Mark are in my thoughts and prayers. My lovely
    mother-in-law used to say that she was an 18 year old trapped in the body of an 80
    year old. At 67, I now understand what she was talking about back then. Have a good trip and class in Seattle. You are a great teacher and share so much of yourself
    in each class.