Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cow's that Smooch and other INVENTIVE things!

Above is my PsyCOWdelic cow. It was the most fun to make and it is covered with beads and Buttons and hula girls on the udder.
I had someone send me this photo and I do not know who did this cow but it is pretty cool.
The above cow was started at a COW class I taught at Quilting Adventures. I do not know if she finished it but isn't it awesome?

Here I am a couple of years ago at Quilting Adventures with Julie who did TWo is a Crazy quilt cow with satins and velvets and beads and cool stuff!
These udders are udderly hilarious....Hula girls
Pom Poms
Wine corks and glass markers for the Vino Cow....invention is the name of the game.
Friends if you plan to do a challenge won't you please order the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks from me and not copy your friends book? My husband has brain cancer and I am our soul provider and teaching quilting here and there does not pay our many bills. Each book that is ordered is a true blessing to me and I always give thanks that I get those orders.
I send you little treats along with the book as a "thank you" for keeping me going.
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Jamie Morton did this adorable quilt. I am sending a smooch your way.


  1. That is funny, I didn't even notice that part of the cow, lol. I see so much going on with the cow and the fabrics;)


  2. Great ideas for the cow udders - especially the hula girls - ha ha ha!!

    Smoochies right back to you! Mwaaah!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday! I wrote about you in today's post. You have always inspired me and helped me not be so rigid and have confidence.I love your books because of all of the encouragement. Thank you so much!

    Cheery wave from

  4. Love the cows and the glorious free range imaginations of the folks that produced them!!

    Keeping y'all in my prayers for all you need.