Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A MUST GET book! Magazine article, hearts, cows and Mary Lou's Meatball Sub recipe! It's Delish!

 I got the coolect book and you should get it too if you like FUN and whimsy like I do and you like to support NICE girls like I do too. The book is colorful and features pincushions for you or for gifts for your friends or  Thank you's for teachers, neighbors, sewing friends etc. I LOVE what they did here!

Here is what the book looks like- isn't the color wonderful and happy? And the projects are colorful and happy too and who would not love one of these???

I have known Cecile for about 20 years I think as I adore her buttons for "Just Another Button Company." In my opinion they are the most creative buttons and they give any project a huge lift in spirit. I have used many many of these. I got the cutest and most creative Christmas hat two years ago from Rachel and I showed here how all of the women and girls (even little girls) tried on the hat for fun. It was so much fun as everyone looked great and we still talk about how much fun something clever can make a holiday. I think the Downton Abbey girls would LOVE some of Rachel's work.
Order this book and you won't be sorry. I have promised myself I am making some of these and I want that mushroom one for myself.
Hey what a NICE surprise to see this in the AQS magazine where we have shown our cows. And we love the people who have written and ordered our book and loved the whimsy and the FUN with these! They did not mention Mel and I in the article though they showed our quilts. So I guess that is OK. But a little plug for the book "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks would have been swell. We are still taking cows and still booking new shows into next year! AQS has really been quite wonderful and showed our cows in both Iowa and Arizona. Love their support and the people we work with, they are awesome (and I mean really on task and professional)
Here is one of the pages with my cow town and my two Spokane Buddies Eilene and Connie my neighbor. Really quite wonderful for us all.

So, can you guess what this is on my sewing machine??? It is a hoochy pattern that does quickly with my method and it is alot of fun. I am getting some cute Flower Power samples quilted now and cannot wait to have them for spring and my retreat to inspire my girlfriends.
Here is my first of 20 finished hearts. I do them hoochy style like my book shows. By the way if you do not have the Hoochy Mama piecing book, I found six I haven't sold and they are $20. each. If you didn't get yours, write and I will tell you how to order it.
Anyway this is a cute swap and I plan a nice heart quilt with "I Love You" for one of my Grandkids.

Mary Lou's Meatball Subs -these are delicious!
heat oven 425 degrees
Two packages of sub sandwich buns
3 onions (yellow) -slice for saute'ing
1 red pepper, julienned, 1 yellow pepper julienned and one green pepper julienned.
Saute the onions and peppers in olive oil on stove with salt and pepper -set aside

Cook 2 pounds of lean hamburger with  1 pound sausage
Once it is cooked through add onions and peppers plus some Italian seasoning

Now add three jars of Prego sauce (I use the garlic and onion chunky) _ I keep one non chunky jar in case I need more sloppy in the sauce.

Now I bake frozen meatballs from Costco and I bake about 24 or so that each sandwich gets three meatballs of sauce.
Once they are baked, I add them to the sauce and heat it up.
 I open the subs and put butter on one side (top) bun and meatballs sauce to the bottom bun. I then add either provalone and some chopped basil on top or my daughter asks for fresh mozzerella. I like both.
   Now put the pan in the oven with both tops and bottoms and the top will be crsty and good. I watch and usually it takes a little more than five minutes but keep an eye on it because it depends on your oven.
   We like this with a crisp salad and the adults like an offering of beer or a nice wine.
We are usually stuffed after this meal but later on I serve small ice cream cones to everyone with their choice of ice cream. It is fun and it is a memory.
Hope you try these, you won't be sorry and for leftover sauce you can have spaghetti the next day or a nice macaroni casserole.
     It's fun!


  1. Very inspiring as always ML- I found my fish blocks the other day. This year for sure. Also I have started a Jersey garden quilt last year and will add some beet leaves to it and who knows what. I just bought some nice fresh beets and will take a pic of the greens so I can see what they look like when I am ready. You and Mark are always in my prayers...

  2. There are so many great magazines out now, hard to get them all. Congratulations on the article and love your heart, fun to do pieced ones with scraps.


  3. Your meatball subs sound yummy Mary Lou. I like the fabrics you showed in your first heart...wonder which one I'll receive. I have one of the kits to make a wool pumpkin pin cushion along with the pins. I love their buttons, they are so cute. But I can't find a local distributor to buy them from.

    Drive safe over the mountains for your class this weekend.

  4. The pincushion book looks so cute - all pink and aqua!! So sorry American Quilter didn't manage to mention you and Mel in the Cow Stampede article - how rude ;-{ Glad that I cancelled my subscription to them a few years back.

    The heart swap looks like a lot of fun. Today it's snowing really hard and would be a good day to pull my red scraps out and try one of my own.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!!