Sunday, February 23, 2014

UPDATED- LINDA'S Colorful World and FABULOUS SEAFOOD CHOWDER RECIPE , JAMIE'S cow and Other Stuff to Think About...

I have stayed with my friend Linda P. for many years. She is a talented quilter and has the most beautiful applique stitches you have ever seen.
Linda takes a normal pattern and puts her spin on it and it is always fabulous and so fun to see up close because her fabric choices are different and wonderful. I am inspired anytime I go to her home and hang out with her. She is working on a cow and I am so excited. It's theme is "Me for MOO and Moo for Me." I know it is going to be wonderful for sure.
Linda always has quilts hanging in her home in the different spaces and they are different everytime I come. I just walk around and take photos. Linda did a "Dear Jane" quilt once and the background was orange and the other colors were fabulous. It is the prettiest one I have ever seen.
I love how she turns others patterns into her own works for art and can you imagine how happy her home is? Fabulous place!
Above are three different photos of a quilt she did. I think that the green background is great and the orange and purple on top is awesome. Her work always makes me smile and she does too. Linda is quiet and when she says something it is wonderful and wise. I came home feeling so rested and good. 

Look at this ceramic design...isn't it cool? I want this on a quilt one day. Linda will probably beat me to it.

Above is a wonderful piece of art that Linda purchased in the Seattle area where she lives (she lives way North of Seattle actually)
Linda travels quite a bit to lots of great places and when she was in Australia last year she urchased this piece of Aboriginal art. It is so pretty in her home. Bright and happy.

Linda has art work, quilt and happy things like what is above to pull your eyes in and make you smile.
Below is  is the middle of her large home on the ocean Sound and she has chairs to enjoy the beautiful view and a hot tub and a lap pool closest to the bottom. Pretty wonderful place for a pretty wonderful person.
Linda P's Fabulous Seafood Chowder Recipe
Mary Lou's favorite SOUP in the world (NO kidding_
1/4 chop green onion
1 small clove garlic, minced
1/8/TBLSP. cayenne powder
1 TBLSP. Butter (or you can use olive oil)
2 cans of cream of potato soup
1 pkg.(6oz) non-fat cream cheese
1 pint non-fat half and half
1 can corn, drained
2 cups shrimp and scallops
1/2 soup can of white wine
In saucepan cook onions with garlic and cayenne in butter or oil until tender. Blend in soup, cream cheese and half and half then wine. Add shrimp, scallops and corn. Bring to a boil stirring occasionally until cream cheese has melted and seafood is cooked.
   Makes about 7 cups.
Linda served this with good bread and a salad (I will share that recipe down the road.

BEV chose beautiful white and black dots and wonderful bright fabrics to make this block! Talent!
. GREAT! Sheesh I wrote down the wrong name earlier and I am embarrased...thank you Bev for being so gracious to me. Anyway, I adore this block!
We had our photo taken by our neighbor two weeks ago and the whole family with kids too. This is just the five of us and it is fun to have that to see too. I love my family.
I think this is a wonderful poster and Phil 4:8 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible and talks about filling your mind with happy, excellent, worthy of praise things. It reminds me to turn off some of the television shows I the news. :0) They need more quilting and crafting and cooking shows. A fabulous "GOOD Day" show with only happy things and a great joke of the day.

Today is the last in this series of Downton Abbey...hope there are some happy twists and turns and we find out some of the stuff they left us hanging with this season.
Cows have become a big and fun part of my life (by accident). I liked this poster and I love this adorable cow quilt by Jamie Morton. Makes me smile. She does great work!
Hope this day is happy for you and that you have lots to be happy about and that you use great colors or are inspired to by Linda's wonderful work...and Jamie's too.
Took Mark into the Doctor's for a throat scope today as his esophagus was spasming/ this afternoon we see another Doctor and he gets a two hour chemo i.v. to fight the brain cancer...I need some more portable hand projects while I wait. One day at a time and happy quilts to keep me upbeat.


  1. I love Linda's style and sense of colors, very fun place to stay and enjoy yourself.


  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the happy, pretty things today. Your friend's home looks wonderful - so glad you could share some good time with her.

    So you like Downton Abbey too? It is so much fun to watch these characters develop and especially all those beautiful clothes! Oh my... what will they have in store for us next time???

    Love the inspiration poster - have to keep good thoughts in my head today for sure! Thank you Mary Lou!

  3. Hi Mary Lou! Great post! I wish I could see Linda's house! Actually, the block with white background with black dots is mine. It's on my blog on the 2/17 post. Just thought I'd mention that. Hope all is well with you and your hubby. XO Bev

  4. Linda is such a lovely lady, I remember meeting her at Aunt Mary's several years ago when we took a class together. Her sense of colour is amazing, I like how she stuck with so many solids when she did that piece of cake pattern but threw in a few textural ones just because.

    What a lovely picture of you Mark and yur three lovely children. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Your friend's house looks marvelous and so full of bright, cheerful artwork. That cow poster and silly joke made me giggle, a lot. ;-)
    Great photo of you and your beautiful family!

  6. You are so right about the positive effects of thinking about all things good and wonderful. When I was a counselor I ran support groups and showed the kids a "trick". I had them hold out one arm and think of something sad while I tried to push the arm down-it went right down. Then asked them to think of something happy and when I tried to push the arm down I couldn't. They got it immediately-counting your blessings really works. Your blog is one of mine-always go away with a smile on my face. Blessings to you and your beautiful family this week.

  7. Bless you and yours as you go thru this illness. I have been praying and wondering how Mark was doing, I enjoyed your family picture too. Yes handwork is a good happy pill!

  8. Thanks for all of the eye candy, glorious colors, and happy thoughts that you share with us. You make my days happier!

    Love the family photo and all of your smiling faces!

    Prayers continue for Mark and all who love him.


  9. Oh your quilts always make me smile! Thanks for sharing them all with us :0)

    Your family is absolutely beautiful, so nice you'll have that amazing photo forever :0)
    Many prayers and warm thoughts for all you are going through together as a family.

    Happy Sewing, quilting is such good therapy isn't it!!!