Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HAPPY Colorful Glass to INSPIRE and SEWING NEW Colorful Cows in a great shop with Great people

My friend Stephanie picked my up at the airport along with Sharon my other buddy and it was sunny last weekend and we went to see the Dale Chahuli art show. He has always been on my list as artists I most admire and he taught at RISD which is where if I had to do life over, I would have gone to school!

I went to Seattle to go up to Aunt Mary's with Stephanie to teach a COW class. Stephanie has the blog Bubbling Sunshine and that is what she is! She has a delicious laugh and a positive outlook and I had w wonderful weekend with this art to start out!
 Can you believe these beautiful colors??? Saturated and wonderful!.
Imagine what it is like to walk these gardens on a sunny day!

Wouldn't you love these in your backyard? I would!
Look close and you will see the Seattle Space Needle in the Background of these balls

Below was the most amazing one and all of the gold figures at the bottom were sea creatures and shells- it was just amazing...
I am going to show more of my photos later on because I want to get to the cows and my hostess's wonderful home

Here is Stephanie who hired me.
You might want to keep watching her FUN blog because she does good giveaways I hear...AND She does cool quilts that I always love. She brought tiaras for all of us to wear and after the class was over I asked Linda who I stayed with to stop at a convenience store on the reservation so I could buy a lotto ticket (no luck). As I was talking to the cashier, Linda, tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I take off my tiara...the cashiers laughed and me too
4 hours ago

For the Cow class, I sell this book with the COW pattern and then I also offer a 1/2 size and a 3/4 size. Everyone picks their choice and they all begin the same but by the end, the cows are ALL original and wonderful! Here is the beginnings of some COWs that will be amazing when done!

The beginning of MOOnet by Christine! - isn't it wonderful???

On the right is Linda my hostess who I have know many years. She is doing "Tea for MOO and Moo for Tea"-this was just the first day. Linda does awesome quilts and hosts me when I am over on the coast-she is excellent and gives you space and waits on you hand and foot- wonderful. She says I am an "old shoe" and I love that because I feel that way around her...very relaxed and happy.
This cow was a colorful one that Loretta from Canada was making- she is adding Flowers from the Flower Power book and LOTS of rick rack too
This is Marian's PRETTY's tail is a big question mark...great! She likes the name AMOOnymous. Me too!
Sharon's cow will have flying geese on black and words on black for the border..I think the theme is COWnt of Monte Cristo. This is a place in Western Washington. I am not a very good photographer -the sock river will be at the bottom (with socks)- it is not spelled this way but you get the picture right?
Here is the cow called "MOOsical" -isn't this super???
This is Consuelo and she is doing a cow "MiVaca Loco"that  is so darn cute and in person even better! She is from Columbia and has personality PLUS
Here is MOOnster Mash but I also thought it could be called FranCOWnstein- see the bolts in her neck??? Patty is adding embroidery stitches in black on all of the seams she is pointing too...Love this!
This tongue was a happy accident by Kathleen, I suggested she turn it the other way but love this look...LOVE the colors don't you? Kathleen has great fabric as she worked for Clothworks for years...I envy her stash!
Speaking of colors and tongues and creativity, look at this cow by Sharon- wonderful to see what a strata can do and a purple tongues too! This is called "Join the Vegan MOOvement!"
There weren't enough design walls and so this cow got held up and isn't it beautiful? Can you see the pieced udder and the beautiful Kaffe colors? LOVE this one.
Creative piecing was part of this workshop and some people got flying geese borders and cool modern pieced log cabins done....they were the "process people" and that is what I am, I am a "process" teacher...I want to have people learn how to do things they would not normally know how to do...great fun for me!
I am ending this with a little stash I had to work on a didn't happen but isn't the stash pretty? I was very influenced by my hostess Linda Pederson who is better at color than anyone else I know....stay tuned for her recipes on my next blog and some photos of her work and her house..-----------------
We are feeling hopeful about what the Doctors can do-
Please pray for my husband and me. He just found out today that his original tumor (the size of a grapefruit is back.). He will have radiation again and three more pills to be added to the 20+ he already takes. Just mentioning this because I would love prayer for Mark who people will tell you is the nicest man in the world...and he is. Thank you friends...


  1. I hope you know my prayers are with you and Mark as you go through this difficult time. Hugs for you both.

  2. Definitely praying for you both. Just know all of us readers/ quilters are holding you both in our hearts.

  3. I lost my daughter to breast cancer - she died before her 40th. She had 4 kids still in school, the youngest was 10. She was such a bright penny through all the operations and chemo. We prayed and the bloggers prayed. God just needed her more than we did, I guess.
    I'll pray for Mark...

  4. Oh, I've been to the Seattle glass gardens twice. Saw his underwater garden as a traveling exhibit when it was in Richmond, Virginia. The Seattle glass garden is the most amazing sight!!! I'm so glad you got to experience it!!!! We had fun trying to capture the Space Needle's image in the outside balls:)

  5. Saying lots of prayers for you, your husband Mark, and for your family. You give such joy with your quilts and blog that saying prayers for you in return is asking little in return.

  6. So many pretties today, but most importantly, to let you know we're praying for your husband. So sad for the results, but hopefully prayer will be the best "pill" for him!

    Love the glass garden - prettiness for all seasons!

    Congratulations ladies - such lovely cow quilts!!

  7. Have always loved DC's work. When in England several years ago, I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum where a DC glass chandelier was hanging in the foyer. What a treat! I go to Seattle 3 or 4 times a year and have never heard of the Glass Garden-going to it next time! Will be and have been praying for Mark.

  8. What a fun class! I'm excited as I get to attend a Chihuly exhibit at Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix in March. His glass pieces are just stunning, esp. when seen in an outdoor setting. Yes, will pray our Heavenly Father provide relief, comfort and peace to Mark and you as you face these health challenges. All the best.

  9. Of course we will pray for Mark! I'll mention it on my blog. You guys hang in there! XO Bev

  10. I'm saying prayers for you and Mark! Mary Lou you are always so positive. Your glass art photos are BEAUTIFUL. And, the Cows, WOW are they fun. So Bright and Creative. I love them all !!!!

  11. I'm so happy that I found your blog through 44th Street Fabric. Love your cows and all the quilts I saw.
    thelady at

  12. What a joy-joy and outstandingly colorful post! The variety of cow quilts and their names are always a hoot. Thanks for all of the eye candy!

    Prayers continue for Mark, all who love him, and all who take care of him.

    Big hugs!

  13. I am saying prayers for you and Mark.

  14. Prayers for you and your husband.

  15. Oh, I wish I had known about your visit to Arlington! Guess I've been under a rock. Sending prayers to you and Mark.