Saturday, March 22, 2014

Asilomar quilt-A Fabulous Opportunity for ME! Thank you Del Thomas

This quilt was a labor of love and it made me think of so many wonderful places and people and things....Great colors and "things" I love about Pacific grove is the subject and it is lovely because Del has attended Asilomar for years and years also. Once you go there a couple of times it is in your soul as it is right by the ocean, deer and animals play and ignore you as you walk by and there is a certain feeling when you are there. I tell people that when I win the lotto I will be buying a large house for quilting and offering lunch to quilters. :0) I will keep trying. :0)

Following Del's Blog is alot of fun.
She always knows who is who and what is great that is happening. Love reading it every week and it is one of the top blogs I check out.
     Since I am a story quilter, this quilt was a natural to my story quilt classes I give at Empty spools. Next year will be the last for awhile that I teach the story quilt class as I will be offering a Christmas class after that. If you want to do a story quilt or you began a story quilt and did not finish it, come and join me next year. I will have my new drawing book then and some other things I am going to offer.
Get on their mailing list for the new workshops next year and then watch in May and you can sign up!


  1. Mary Lou what a fabulous honour to have bestowed upon you. I love that quilt and ca only imagine all the memories it holds for you. Thanks to Del for bestowing this honour on you. Well done!

  2. Saw your interview with Georgia Bonesteel yesterday (or rather, her interview of you). You are cute as a button! XO