Saturday, March 8, 2014

COLOR and Quilts with Stories go hand in hand

Kim Procknow took my Asilomar Story Quilts workshop last year and put this away for awhile and now has gotten it back out to finish it. It is about her and her golf cart, martini's, dog, fruits and wonderful wild clothes....isn't this great? I think it needs her name up in the left hand corner or something clever to say! Kim is very fun, very interesting and very talented! Don't you love her colors?
Terri Jones made this adorable set of quilts for two little twins. Are these not the cutest baby quilts you have ever seen! One thing that is so nice is that they are not blue and pink and  did you notice that only one of them has an udder? Really fun! I just LOVE these! Great job Terry!

I took this photo of a bright quilt at Aunt Mary's quilt shop in Arlinton (Smokey Point Wa). I thought it looked really fun and I think slicing and dicing is very healing. :0)

I guess it is that time of year that I am just crazy about color and when it is all over the place even better! I think this girl in the painting is so cool...layers of color and pattern...she is a quilt waiting to happen!!!
I have put these on my blog before but now I am going to have them blown up larger and they are going to become a story was drawn by me to show my Granddaughter and hers is next to it only better- I love how the body does not line up....and I love how the sleeves are different and I like her colors better! Such fun to do drawing with kids....try it!

I am adding this half recipe thing because I often need this and wonder what a third of something would be and it is a hassle to figure it you don't have to!
I will be staying with my friend Pam Toombs in her guesthouse...she built a pizza oven outside and when she took my story quilt workshop, this became a wonderful story quilt with she and her husband in it! Isn't it wonderful?

Found this photo of a bunny I created for my Southwest quilt and thought I would share it....pretty fun and I just whacked it out with a pair of scissors and no drawing...we talk about this in my workshops
Thought this Flower from my Flower Power book in Mari Linfesty's quilt is quite special! Love the complimentary colors!
Was looking at old photos and found this one of rhubara which will be ready in a couple of months....Yummmmeeee. And hey isn't that color yummy too???
I DO love my bed. So snuggly and cozy and NICE.
Wanted to share this photo of my son who is going to do the Iron Man this Spring. Hard to believe he had cancer when he was a kid and went through all of the bad things we associate with it. He is a fine young man, son, Father and Husband.....I am really proud of him.
I saw this and laughed and no I didn't put it below my son to make a statement....
How is this for color??? Reminded me of my Flower Power Sample!
Did this sample for spring and it is quilted now so will take it and share and then hang it on my bright green entry walls for happiness!
I am headed to Modesto this week and then I am headed to Asilomar from there. I will be teaching both places...such fun! I will be going to the RED HOUSE for lunch, Tassuti Zoo for a happy creative time seeing what wonderful things Emily has to sell and inspire, and to the Back Porch which is a fabulous quilt shop that we had our COW show featured at last year along with my Asilomar quilt.
I am going to love being at the ocean, using my lavendar soap I take there every year, laughing with friend, rejuvenating, breathing deep and drawing new story quilts for Connie and I to do a series of small SHIRT stories with...stay tuned.
And for those that have been asking, the drawing book is coming along finally, you will love the ideas and for those people that keep asking about Chicken Soup, I was charging $9. for it and it was costing me that much to print I am raising the price to $12.50 and selling it. If you were one of the people who asked, please contact me.
     I want to please those of you who come and visit my blog. I can see how some of you come in through other blogs and websites and thank you. Those of you who have written me lately and the girls who send postcards to my husband are most appreciated. He has three girls who send him cards all of the time and he calls these girls his girlfriends...and some of you send them often and you are part of the group. Additionally he gets cards in a group from Australia and Germany and he is really tickled about this. Me too...for what makes him happy, makes me happy.
Hope your week is wonderful. My dear kids will be staying with Mark both night and day and I feel so lucky to have such a sweet support system as does he.
Count your blessings friends! It is better to smile than to frown...feels better and helps your cells too!


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for all the happy colors to start the day, especially since it's the start of Daylight Savings Time and it was dark getting up today!

    So many great inspirations - quilts, quotes color, color, color! The golf cart is amazing and so is the pizza oven quilt. Love the Burroughs saying - wanted to add "and learn something new." Good luck to your son for the Iron Man - wow! that is some grueling race - hope he does really well!

    Thank you for the recipe conversion chart - so helpful and so thoughtful of you to share it!

    Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and fun quilt retreat at Asilomar!

  2. Hi Mary Lou, We met long ago at Sisters. I am in the final phase of caring for my husband who is on Hospice. Please contact me at if you'd like any information about the way that goes. They are a wonder. He has been very grateful for being allowed to stay at home rather than in a hospital. Blessings, MaryJo

  3. WOW! all the colors and quilts on this post are fantastic! And way to go Jason for planning to do the Iron Man. I watched it one a long time ago and have the utmost respect for all the athletes!
    Kim in VA

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog; although I rarely comment. Today, I just loved how upbeat your blog was and I loved all the color!

  5. Have fun creating with your students. I am 1 day from finishing the quilt that is in the way of finishing my cow quilt-can't wait to get back to : You are Moosic to my Ears.

  6. I have a Quilt Blogs bookmark with a comfortable number of blogs that I read, faithfully, every morning with my coffee. You are one of them. I was reading Terry Grant (andsewitgoes.blogspot) today and she talked about not having as many comments left as she once did and wondered if she was blogging in a "void." Essentially, I think people are still reading but not connecting. So...naturally....I left her a comment. And then I decided to go back to everyone else I read this morning and say "hi." I love your work. Thank you.

    AND....I see that you're coming to Maryland in October to visit Faithful Circle Quilters! Looking forward to that.

  7. Always enjoy your uplifting posts especially considering the hard times you are going thru at home! Are you doing any sessions or workshops in Missouri this year? Still hoping to take a class with you. Marlynne Snare Folk Artist