Friday, March 21, 2014

Story Quilts and Last Story Quilt Class at Asilomar in 2015

My friend Kathy Sandler took my workshop at Asilomar and also came to my retreat where she worked on her "Gone to the Dogs" quilt.  Great news as she entered a number of quilts into Paducah and this dog quilt was chosen. I can see is charming and well done! Kathy is very talented and does lots of cool things.
I love the red dog because he has a reindeer toy in his mouth...isn't this cute?
Here is beautiful Kathy below....
I taught in Modesto and stayed with my friend Pam Toombs who has done story quilts and won awards. Very lovely group of fun girls too. We went to lunch in Modesto and this painting was on display and I thought it was great!
Below the painting was this alter and I thought it was cool. Love hispanic things...they do great with color and God....
Kathy and I sat by a garden in San Juan Baptista where we went for lunch on the way to Asilomar...Love this green planting
While I was in Modesto Shelly took Pam and I to meet the "Honey guy" who has been written up in Time magazine. His name is Orin Johnson and he had loads of kinds of honey. Here in California and I bought honey that was made an hour from my home in Washington State
Below is Ursula who is the president of the Modesto guild. She has a great personality and she makes great quilts which they are showing and this was about her Mom's dream.
Below is a photo I took of my husband and my daughter. I know this has nothing to do with quilting but I wanted to share that she finds comfort in laying on his lap she says "like when she was a little girl"...she has her favorite blanket over here covering her up....We all love hugging and being close to Mark. He is wearing coveralls now because he cannot zip or tie his shoes....
I took this adorable photo of Emily who owns Tessuti Zoo in California (my favorite shop). She is holding a dress I wanted to buy for my Granddaughter but was not sure she would wear it...Isn't it darling? Emoly has great stuff!
In my classes we have great fairy gifts- we all bring a little something for everyone in the class. Emily brought us these beautiful cookies...aren't these pretty? They were delicious too
So I will be showing Asilomar things in the next blog installment but wanted to share a beginning to that. 
Susan came all the way from Indiana to take my workshop at Asilomar. She was learning about warm colors and cool colors and knowing what to put with what and then she drew her picture of her story of when she was a little girl and a chicken came down and chased her...I think this quilt is going to be very cute! 
Here you can see her blocks better.
I have more photos to show but I have to figure out how to get them on my computer first.
SO the deal is that in 2016 I will be teaching Christmas quilts and wreaths at Asilomar and I do not know when I will be going back to story quilts. So I am telling people if they would like to do a story quilt, next year is the year to do it. They will be taking reservations in May and it will fill fast so get in while you can. Tiaras, fairy gifts, stories and fun girls and this might be your last chance at Asilomar to do it! Hope to see you there!


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the great pictures and quilting inspirations! I especially enjoyed the wonderful picture of your husband with your daughter lying in his lap - what a beautiful moment!!

    Looks like everyone had a great time in Asilomar - the cookies look really yummy!

    Yep - it must be Spring - there's no ice on the river today ;-}

  2. It looks like and sounds like you had a restful enjoyable time away and that Mark was in good hands. The picture of father and daughter is a lovely memory to cherish for all to have for many years to come.

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. It sounds like your class was a hit, a few of my friends went to that one. Love the photo of Mark and your daughter.


  4. So glad you are still able to enjoying your storybook quilting workshop and be such an inspiration to the rest of us! Love your Daddy/Daughter picture brought tears to my eyes! Really like your friends colorful long coat. Would be fun to make!