Saturday, November 1, 2014

Traveling and Meeting Inspiration

Massachusetts is beautiful in the Fall! Such a proud place to visit and what pride you feel for your country. We had a delicious family breakfast together . My breakfast pictured here is delicious.
Went shopping with my cousin and her daughter. Really fun! And nice being together.
Mimi Dietrich took me to visit lovely Baltimore album quilts.

I have been studying Baltimore album quilts. I am going to take the idea of these, add humor and CREATIVITY to change them to a couple of smaller quilts for a workshop. What would the Baltimore ladies say today? Isn't this a fun way of thinking?
It has been awhile since I posted because I have been on the road... For weeks. I spent time in Baltimore and Wa DC with the guild and my cousin Mary and her husband . 
I had a wonderful time with  my friends in the Baltimore area. Didi said her guild has a  has a challenge called "sheep Behaving Badly." She got the idea from the cow challenge . Fun! It is all about creativity! 
Visited Torpedo factory and looked at ART! Great stuff!
Here I am In front of the White House. My cousin point out the sharp shooter on the roof. Creepy. Gorgeous building and lovely to know you are there!
Martin Luther sculpture . Inspirational and really powerful !
Mimi Dietrich had the two of us over for crab cake dinner- yum!!  Baltimore has crab and lobster everywhere and quilters too! Pretty cool! Would be good with cold beer.
Huge lump crab, fries and salad.
Days later we had chocolate chip cookies thanks to a student who brought them to share! Have us energy to sew Fall blocks and Flower Power blocks!
One of the nicest things was being with friend Margo who is moving back to her homeland Australia (on the left). Her best friend on my right is Caroline who is going to miss her best quilting buddy!
They have taken two classes from me and really crack me up! Fun girls!
Caroline started this quilt which is going to be so much fun! Creative subject, fabric and colors. Love it !
My friend who also did amazing blocks!
So I could not get Google to help me with my IPhone so I could blog from the road! Good news ... I am in West Virginia and am going to tell about all of my newest adventures. Tomorrow I plan to share more new things. Market in Houston and Festival in Houston and Salt Lake City and recipes and how I am doing without my wonderful and sweetest husband in the world.
Hope you are happy friend. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you !


  1. It sounds like you have been having some wonderful adventures and enjoy time with friends and family. We have been taking rides through connecticut since it is right across the border, perfect time to enjoy the foliage and go apple picking.


  2. You've had a busy four weeks mart Lou, I'm sure you are glad to be home again amongst your children and grandchildren.

    Looking forward to you next posts.

  3. Love the catch-up post, the great photos of wonderful friends/fabrics/foods, and I would have loved a crab cake! If you come to Richmond, VA, be sure to eat at Crab Louie's in Midlothian (not very far west of Richmond) where there is very worthy food!

    I see you're following my mother's good example after the untimely loss of a beloved hubby, stay on the road! Come to that, when is the loss ever timely?


  4. Thank you, Mary Lou, for all the lovely photos of your travels and classes! What an amazing group of quilters, family and friends!!

    Missed your blog - so GLAD to see you back! I look forward to seeing more and more inspiration!!

  5. I'M FAMOUS!!! My picture is in a BLOG!!! I'll be swarmed with paparazzi now I'm sure. I had a fun day working on our story quilts...mine is still a WIP but I can't go too slow since it's for my mother and she's 92....I want her to enjoy it for a bit. I'll be sure to send a picture when the top is done.

  6. Mary Lou, how wonderful to see you posting in your blog again. I enjoyed each picture and every word you wrote. Thanks.