Monday, November 3, 2014

West Virginia IS HEAVENLY and so are their quilters

So I have been trying to catch up with my posts and it is hard since I have done so much (and could not figure put how to post on my iPhone). So now I can even though if is kind of hard. This week I am in Cedar Lakes in Ripley and the capital of WV , Charleston..I have taught Story Quilts here for five years.     
Tonight we had show and tell and girls came back with their story quilts from years past either done or almost.
      Mary did a quilt above , and below too about her husband who passed away. When they went to bed she would say "good night husband " and he would answer "good night wife." She put things in that reminded her of him. Quite wonderful.

June did a story about her Grandmother going to the Outhouse and being bitten on her bottom by a chicken. I thought this was quite a cute story quilt!

Sharon from Kentucky made this three generation quilt about her Mother and Grandmother and she sewing. I think it is wonderful! Photos do not do it justice!
The trees are just fabulous. The color, the air, the water, the coveted bridge here ! All so beautiful! And the girls who come from near and far are all
First rate fabulous- no kidding!
Deb made this story quilt from her Granddaughters drawing about their fog who caught a critter. It is wonderful in person! She hand wrote the story and it is on the back- wonderful. A little creativity equals an amazing quilt!
Great blocks to start off by Ginny.
Show and tell
Was fun when Stephanie showed her knitted hat!
Stephanie made us all Aprons and this was what mine said- made me smile Big!
This is Gloria who we ALL love. She is always upbeat and fun and helpful . Everyone who works here has that WestVirginia  humor and kindness . I think it is the air and beauty that foes it,,
June started this quilt last year. It is covered in beads and buttons and fun stuff.
I am going to end with what I always tell my students. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always hot."
     Are you still doing the same thing without risking the joy of creativity? Maybe now is the time to
Plan a change. It is SO much fun!


  1. What an amazing trip and love the quilts, the outhouse is such a fun quilt and I see the ladies mix their folk art style with whimsy.


  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing your West Virginia trip pictures! What fun you had!!! The colors of the trees are so beautiful - so nice to see how the seasons change in other parts of our Country.

    The aprons look great - so useful for quilters and crafters. The lady who made yours got the title exactly right - WONDER WOMAN!

  3. So sweet your Good Night Husband-Good Night Wife Quilt!

  4. Mary Lou - tee hee. This post must have been posted from your I-phone. I just LOVE auto-correct! coveted bridge... you'll get what you always HOT. haha! It is good to see you are out & about. Much love to you & yours.