Sunday, November 2, 2014

More Memories along With Mary Lou and her Texan Friends in Georgetown Tx

Jane Sassaman fabric! Ronda Leal knew how to use it well!
When my husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma multifoma a (brain cancer disease) last year My angel contacted me. Her name is Ronda Leal and she saved me from more heartache. I was heart sick with Marks illness and bills poured in and we needed to put in a handicap bathroom and Mark no longer employed. Ronda set up a Go fund it and saved me.
So fast forward, I flew to her home close to Austin Texas to sew and spend four lovely days together.  
Here is Ronda's beautiful piecing in her fabulous studio . She invited Rhonda Dort and Martha T. And we all had a blast with great cooking and show and tells and dying cottons. It was wonderful and I needed it!

This photo was taken on an outing for lunch! This is a Volkswagen kit! I want this car. Bought a mega millions - if I win You'll see me touring to your town!
This is one of Martha Ts quilts. I need to find her last name so I spell it right! Her quilts are fab! The one below was a challenge.

Here Martha and Ronda make a fab treat! Layered green chili sauce, cheddar cheese, that white Mexican cream stuff and chicken and tortilla chips, baked! Delish! Served with fruit and veggies and Ronda's Mothers lemon pie!
Ronda gave us all lessons on dyeing cottons! Great fun in warm weather .
So many good techniques! It was fun taking a class!
Undyed cotton and below cotton being dyed!
Here Rhonda and Ronda wait for results! Loved it.
A fence outside of Austin Texas! Loved it!
More of Ronda's talents!
Rhonda Dort from Houston is doing these amazing blocks for a quilt . Look At the detail!
Here is Ronda Leal with one of her other quilts. She is amazing and a hostess with the mostest. I learned a lot and had a wonderful time. Quilters make wonderful friends!


  1. Those multiple wedge circles are amazing. It would be fun to see what the fabrics were that created them.

    Lots of creativity and imagination amongst you all what a great inspirational shot in the arm for you.

    That food looked verty tasty. Off for Mexican food at Papasito's Cantina tonight before flying home tomorrow. Fabulous time at the quilt show. Looking forward to you show and market pictures.

  2. What a wealth of wonderful talents among Rhonda, Ronda, Martha, and Ronda's mother! You certainly had a marvelous place to visit among delightful friends! Yes, quilters do make wonderful friends!


  3. You do know how to have fun and make everyone smile along with you. You also find the funniest things to take photos of, wonderful inspiration for your future quilts.