Friday, February 6, 2015

Hawaii says Aloha to Mary Lou

This week has been wonderful for me. Mel invited me to come stay in her beautiful home on Maui. My friends Molly and Tina flew in and we were off for a beautiful adventure!
Loved this crazy fish and think it would translate into a quilt. 
Mel's and colors and flowers , oh 
Breakfast on my birthday - macadamia pancakes. One for three of us.
Fried rice like no other!
Four happy Girl's enjoying the sunshine and fun!
This is the breakfast place that is a must on the island of Maui.
On the beach after breakfast. The ocean is such a gift from God. So many ideas for story quilts here!
Tshirts outside shop that sells  toHoneymooners 
So Mel was sitting out in the hot tub and I went out to sit and talk to her. I slipped somehow and momentum took over and soon I took three big steps and landed in the swimming pool. 😳 it got a lot of laughs from my friends
An ad I thought was funny
A cool sign
Mixed plate- note the macaroni salad and scoops of white rice- kinda weird if you are not Hawaiian
Garlic fries and catsup. Tina Neppl used her creativity to the plate so we could share catsup
Local beer
A wonderful apron given to me by SANDI Henschel. We all loved this pattern. Molly made us drinks with Meyers rum, cocoanut vodka, fresh pineapple and cut up banana blended. Pretty rich...
New pedicures for us girls- Tina and I opted for flowers on our toes!
The beginning of my neighborhood quilt
A house block that I am now done 
with- here it was in progress
Dessert on my birthday!
Arriving in Maui to begin the fun!
A driftwood mermaid!
Gift containers for my birthday. How lucky am I?
Above is my purchase for myself for my birthday. I love anything with seashells. Bought a seashell shower curtain and hope to get some things to add to the room for fun!
And finally Mel bought each of us a copy of this excellent book! If you have not read it you should. Gives you great insight in your partner and your
 children and your friends and yes, even YOU.  Life is short grow new habits, make new friends and bless someone with kindness today.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend your Birthday and I am glad that you had such wonderful time with friends.


  2. Mahalo Mary Lou for the kindness you blessed us with today - all the wonderful, beautiful and sigh-inducing pictures. Seems like you had a wonderful birthday with loving and caring friends - PLUS the macadamia pancakes! Yea!

  3. So easy to make someone's day with kindness. your vacation looks like a ball, I am going to start planning for a trip to Maui I think!

  4. Mary Lou, it looks like you had a lovely time with Mel, Molly and Tina had a great time together. I hope you get lots of use with the apron, I think it looks cute on you.

    Love all your fun photos, Safe journey home you all.