Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cow Cakes And Quilts! Being Grateful

A nice quilter sent me this COW CAKE which of coarse I would love. I am showing 20 cow quilts and doing a lecture in Lancaster PA at the AQS show on March! Come see me. 😀
Flower Power sample from the book and my workshop. Putting in some new flower ideas in the Hoochy Mama Two book I am working on. :0)
Flowers coming out of a hat is a subject I am working on for my new self portrait class. Very fun and freeing as far as creativity!
Birds I worked on for a fun swap! A great Alexander Henry fabric of flowers works well here!
This Pineapple pattern is in the Out of the Box with Easy blocks book. Pauline used to live in Hawaii and she new how to pick the right fabric!!!
Puyallup quilters study my John CCampbell quilt. It is ready for many buttons and embellishments. Fun
I always feel best when I can smile and laugh!
This says it all right???
Today I am happy for YOU , my kids, adobo chicken on cabbage, clean water, fun fabrics with light built in, new spring shoes, fresh flowers, a nail file, learning about something I did not know, prayers - said or given, little kids innocence , being able to sew and create new things, invention and love.
Now it's YOUR turn!


  1. Today I was browsing my blog list on bloglovin, I read a new post from woolie mammoth blogspot and she always includes a slide show with photos, I opened it up and my two daughters (3 & 2), danced to the music that came with it! So funny!!

  2. I'm grateful for the first sip of coffee in the morning, sunshine while it's snowing, baby giggles anytime and inspiration from your blob Mary Lou!

  3. Congratulations on completing the John C. Campbell quilt, I hope to be able to see it in person one day.

    Have fun in Lancaster with the cow parade!

  4. Cute cow cake. Thanks for sharing the picture.
    And thanks for sharing your smile. It's infectious, you know.

  5. I am grateful for temperatures high enough to melt snow as should happen quickly (but didn't) in the South, for orange juice, for wonderful books to read, for washers and dryers, for full-enough pantries, for hugs, for music, for crayons and Sharpies, and for lots of fabrics to play with when snowed in!

    Today I'm continuing to humbly machine quilt my Arctic Blast wall quilt. This was made with snowy winter fabrics in greens, blues, and white. The next quilt will be lots more colorful!


  6. would have thoroughly enjoyed time there