Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Goodbye Quilt and Fun with Mary Lou

So I am working in somewhat of a new style. The whole background with trees and houses are pieced in Hoochy style and then I appliqué soft edged needle turn appliqué figures. For those of you who do not know, I never ever fuse my pieces nor do I do raw edge. Needle yurn appliqué is my style and passion.
       The quilt above was started by my neighbor Connie who sews with me and without me in my home when I am gone.
She had done the house and any stars and we put them together. Alone one night I decided to do myself in front of the house waving goodbye up the life I knew before my husband died last May. I will be adding my three kids and six Birds for my Grandkids. There is room for me to embroider the little story.
This is what I love about story quilts- they surprise us! 
It will be awhile until it's done. 😊
Last week I had a marvelous time in Paulsbo wa. We made hoochy birds and it was fun! No
Two were alike!
The girl from my garden could make perfect quilt additions. Clearly put of the box!
Isn't this the truth? Do you keep a gratitude list? It's a blessing to do this for sure
I took a photo of the sunset here in Lancaster PA where I am for the AQS show, it is intense red and this photo does not come close!
I goofed around with quilting achenes at the show- so fun!
The quilts here are so wonderful- here is but a few

The quilt below was rated one of the highest ribbons- look at the detail! Fabulous 

There is paint on the edges of this quilt- isn't it beautiful? Look at the quilting!
Oh boy love the work here in this little treasure!!! Everything about it is beautiful!

This last quilt is by my friend Katen Kay Buvjlry. Isn't this a wonderful
Quilt? Her work is always stunning!
Hope this inspires you to stretch! Fabulous to see these quilts!


  1. Your goodbye quilt is wonderful and I do love needle turn, but find it harder to turn and sew lately, so I need to use fusible on some things and maybe do larger appliqués in the future. Beautiful quilts from the show, amazing work on them.


  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing your lovely goodbye quilt. It will be a blessing to you and your family - take all the time you want/need to complete it as it will be a blessing to you.

    Thank you, too, for sharing the birds and the beautiful quilts from the quilt show.

  3. Your goodbye collaboration with Connie is looking amazing Mary Lou, I love the warm feeling it evokes when I look at it.

    I'm sure this is a lovely challenge to create to honour a lovely man and your life with him. Take care.

  4. it could be a hello quilt to whatever lies ahead is always half full whether seen that way or not....thanks for reminding me to be positive!

  5. Love the previous comment-a hello to the rest of your life of which your sweet husband will always be a part of in your heart. Can't wait to have you at Friendship guild next year! I am trying to get into your class at El Camino in April but will at least get to the trunk show-love your work, Mary Lou!