Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blocks from workshop, beautiful trees , shoes and Cross blocks

Apples and leaves from Autumn class in Orange County. Very fun! Hoochy style- easy piecing
Pumpkins and hats and owls ... OH MY!
My visit to Nordstrom I learned that shoes are too expensive and weird... But great for quilts! 😜
Snakes anyone?
Beautiful trees in bloom in Orange- blue jacaranda trees everywhere and so wonderful!

Blog- with heart in hands- Michele Bileau
The instructions for the cross quilt they are making for me are on here. It is under the listing "liberated crosses."  I think these are wonderful and I hope to make some myself and send them to Michele.
Many people have asked me about the cross quilt that Michele B. Is putting together. Red background with turquoise or other color crosses. Small size is 4.5 x 5.5 and larger size is 7.5 x any size as long as it is not wider than tall. I am having a senior mement and will put an address and more detail on this soon. 
     I see the surgeon about my breast cancer on Tuesday so I'll know what to plan for. I am not nervous and can face anything with God holding my hand and the love of my family and friends. 
Hoping to post a recipe later this week.
I have given up sugar and have lots more energy- gave up starches and dairy too. So far it's not that hard. 😊
     Have a great week friends!


  1. Best wishes for news with your surgeon.

  2. Mary Lou,

    Welcome home and know that we all are thinking of you especially over the next few days when you meet with the surgeon and see what course of care and treatment he has planned to see you through this journey you well be undertaking.

    Know that you will soon be wrapped in love and positive feelings with the quilts coming your way.

    What a surprise to see the blocks I made for you featured on your post. Hope they are with you soon,

    Much love always my to your family also.

  3. Praying for you that you will get good news from your surgeon this week. The cross blocks are wonderful. Imagining them in shades of purple for Lent - changing to bright yellow for Easter. Thank you Mary Lou for all the inspiration today.

  4. Mary Lou, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In working this through, the Biblical truth Paul shared was burned into my heart with HOPE...................that I was alright no matter what because I was in this with God and He with me. Blessings and prayers. Joan Stanley

  5. Wishing you WELL!


  6. They are not "ornaments" per say, but just small frames with an easel back that I stick on the branches. a fantastic read