Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ocean Feelings, California Dreaming and Places that Brews Beer

I am in California with the El Camino guild right now. Isn't this bird wonderful? He was so cute! The sunshine here makes you so very happy!!
Imagine living on the water here! The color wasxalmostvdeep Aqua and so pretty!
These surfers were crazy - the wind was cold and I bet that water was no picnic! I saw a girl in the bathroom whose teeth were chattering. I remember that when I was a kid. 😜
    Today I did a lecture and sold a case and a half of books. I am almost out of "Outbif the Box"- and Outbofbthe Box with Easy Blocks is gone and I have less than LD a case of Flower Power. So soon I will have no books! 
But good news "Hoochy Mama Two" will be printed and ready soon. Also other new patterns will be coming along.
Today after the lecture we went out for lunch at Prohibition Brewery. I had a fab salad with berries and chicken. And nice conversation. 😊
They had fun murals outside- great for story quilts! 

Sorty the dhadow was on the building but great paintings! And the menu made me laugh too.
I will end with the sign behind the counter. Loved the second part. Tee hee


  1. Love those photos of the paintings on the buildings, they are great.

    I LOVE Pelicans, I ve several wonderful pictures of them doing stretches that are almost ballet in style.

    Enjoy your trip visiting all those guilds in Califrnia, wish I was there with your.

  2. What a wonderful place for a retreat, beautiful oceans and fun towns.


  3. I really like all your photos of the CA coast! Enjoy your time here in San Diego!

  4. Great photos! I saw some Pelicans this week, but they look different to the one in your photo, maybe Australian pelicans are different (I'll be googling in a moment). Look after yourself and I hope your surgery goes well.

  5. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the beautiful California beach pictures! Ahh.... I an feel those warm summer breezs already.

    Love the last picture from the beer factory - my brother would have loved that one!

    Hope you're feeling better today - we're all praying for you.

  6. How sweet it is!!