Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hoochy Mama books are Back! This and That and Colorful Photos for FUN

Flower Power samples😀
Pretty fun and there are Hoochy mama blocks in here too!
Good news I just found a box of Hoochy Mama books and they are available at Marylouweidman. Com
They haven't been available for a year or so. Happy I can sell these as its a fun book!
Lynn made this amazing Breast pillow for people who have breast surgery. I am going in tomorrow for an MRI to see if there are more tumors present.
God is with me.
I am not sure but I think this photo is supposed to be made into fabric. I don't see how because of all the colors but will wait and see.
Three more cross blocks for the cross quilt I spoke of earlier. It is sure to help me heal.
In my room across from Disneyland this painting hung. Would make an excellent quilt!
GOOD NEWS!!! I lost ten pounds in three and a half weeks.
No sugar, no starches and no dairy. Someone warned me about my recipes. Those are for special occasions and Ibwon't be eating them until long after my Cancer surgery and radiation. If I am not eating sugar I know I can't eat French toast or cookies. Haha
From my Asilomar quilt owned by Del Thomas
Maybe you can grab your very own ideas here! Make up your own fun neighborhood! Use your own imagination for fun!
I am going to Asilomar this week and can't wait to have a wonderful time!!!i adore hearing stories old and new and putting them into quilts! Great fun with great gals!!!
Enjoy your week friends and count your many blessings for the road to happiness.


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for so many pretty, inspirational pictures today!

    Hope everything, and I mean everything, goes well at the MRI - you are in His hands and know only good comes from Him.

    Hmm... 10 lbs? Now I am jealous about that! Congratulations!

  2. wishing you a blessed day and good health...

  3. Hi Mary Lou,
    Is the Hooch mama book the same as the Flower Power book? I would like to order both if they are different but don't see the Hooch Mama book on your other web-site,
    prayers for you on the cancer treatment.
    Cathy Bertanzetti
    Birmingham, AL

  4. Hi, Mary Lou. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    BTW, I paid you for a copy of the Hoochy Mama book at the Utah Quilt Guild show last September (if you could find one). sounds like you have. Can you contact me at Can't find an email address for you.