Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Asilomar Memories and great students , color and fun

Above I am asking the question of the students giving ideas for stories or commenting on everyone's beauty in the tiaras I have to the students. Great fun!
Below is Penny who is a lot of fun and is a retired kinder garden teacher. She gave me three cases of blue bottles once for my bottle trees. She is very giving and kind and fun girl! 

Below is Anita who did not understand color or Hoochy piecing when she first started. Now she totallygets it! She understands easy ways to choose color and also Hoochy piecing. Was fun to see her go "aha!"
Below is Pam who is wonderful and gave me a hug when I needed it most! The group as a whole were so kind to me! I needed love and kindness and they all have me just what I needed.
Below is our cutting excercize. It was very fun this time as some people made up stories about the people they cut out. And some people realized they could not draw very well but they can cut really wonderful figures.
Below Suzanne did her story quilt and it has all of her Grandchildren on turtles and fish and sitting on a dock and there are birds and flowers and wonderful whimsical things. It's going to be a great quilt!!

Linda did the blocks above and below. Really fun! Pink
Looks so good here!
Red who took this photo called it "controlled chaos"
Below is how many of us work- with it ALL in front of us!!!
Below is Anita's board

Beth is above and did lots of cool
Lettering for her story quilt!  Her Hoochy blocks look great too! "My soul is fed with a needle and thread." 
Above is Nancy who we nick named "Red."
She was lots of fun and a go getter!  We all got a kick out of her. 
Above is Georgette who didcgreatvthongscin class and thoughtbshecwouldcdp only simple things- not so. She was great fun and shared alit with us!
Above is Miss Juliette who was hilarious and also so sweet. She helps women who have had Breast cancer get fitted with bras that make everything look natural. She works for Nordstroms. Great person!

Above is Roxi and she is working on a wedding quilt for her son and his wife. Very nice and wore her tiara as a head band. Quite stylish and good at great blocks
Here is all 20 of us- wish we had better light. A Polish man could not speak English and perhaps we should have picked someone else to help
Us. This is the only photo that does not have his finger over the lens. Haha
     We had many more students and four from Colorado! I took all my photos against the light of the windows and they did not work! Would love to share if anyone wants to share more please do!


  1. Your classes look so fun and I always see smiles on everyones faces.


  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all the great pictures from your class - sure looks like everyone was having fun!!