Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Bra Quilt and Many Blessings for Mary Lou... LIKE YOU

Well I have been through a real adventure since the beginning of the month. 😊 On the 7th of May I had 1/3 of my breast removed and a bunch of lymph nodes removed under my arm. Youch.
    I had two groups of friends who gathered blocks together to make me two lovely and most comforting quilts.
    Carol Heuter from Arizona sent the bra quilt to girls on My Yahoogroups friendship circle. Tami from did the lovely quilting after Carol put it together. It is washed and comfy and comforting too! 

The back is signature blocks- a lovely setting done by Carol

The borders are above and I love it. So very pretty and the cheddar is an amazing inner border.
Above is how it looks on my bed. So comfy and sweet.
Below is the quilt underneath it. That quilt was made for me by top Quilt teachers you all Know. They made the blocks and sent them to Kathy Kansier who put the quilt together. I have had it on my bed since Mark died last year. I cannot tell you what this has done for me. 
Someone sent me this little Charlie Brown cartoon. It made me smile. Hope it gives you a smile too. 
Here is a pillow that is not on my sofa and was a lovely gift. It has received so many compliments. 😊

I got this beautiful pair of socks in the
Mail today. I do not know why but I adore socks! I
Opened up The socks and here was what the bottom of the pair read.
Haha isn't this fun? Made me smile huge!!
I saw this quote about optimism when I went to buy chicken items.
Above I bought this chicken coop
For chickens that are coming June 1st. I am hoping this will Give me some joy And fun. And I have chicken designs drawn up and ready the be made for a chicken book. Pretty fuN !!
The other news is that in two weeks my website will be done and even better I will be selling fabrics I use that other people have trouble finding. I plan to sell other fun things like trims and beads netc. All things I use for my whimsical and story quilts! The fabric above is just one of them. I will have new classes and samples and the cow pattern and the Moose pattern and this summer if I feel ok with radiation etc I have the Hoochy Two book and another surprise or two.
Just wanted to thank you so very very much for your kind prayers and lovely friendships. I have had the flu on top of my surgery and do not feel
Good enough yet to write (by hand) and thank you. 
My Asilomar class has filled for next year. I am teaching Christmas memories. 
It will be five days of great fun.
I am planning on teaching this year in the Fall as planned. My radiation starts The beginning of June and will last five weeks at least. I will be taking some pills also for five years. Hopefully this will be the last of Cancer haunting me and my family.
I am blessed and thankful for God's many blessings. 


  1. Me encanta todo lo que tu haces, sobre todo por esos atrevidos colores que tan bien combinas

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for such an inspiring and beautiful post today! The bra quilt is wonderful and so is the one beneath it. They surely bring you warmth and comfort every day.

    Looking forward to your new website and stories about your chickens too.

    Hope you continue to heal with a smile on your lovely face ;-}

  3. I'm so glad that you are finding comfort in the bra quilt. It shows how much we want to support your healing after surgery.

    So glad your website design is almost finished along with your new book project.

    For someone healing you are very busy! Remember to rest and he also!

  4. I'm loving that bra quilt... how appropriate !!!!! I also love chickens, have accumulated dozens on mantles, on beams, on quilts, pictures, patterns, you name it, not even to mention fabric. Gotta purge one day. Am also looking forward to you new web site, although there's nothing wrong with your current one as far as I'm concerned. If the new one is better I don't think I can contain myself. lol

  5. Did you receive the bra book? Hope you enjoyed it. Liz

  6. So nice to see great pictures even though you are not up to par. Think about you every day. Hugs to you!

  7. With your wonderful attitude, all will be well..LOVE the bra quilt!! Get well soon.

  8. I'm so happy that you're enjoying the bra quilt. I had a lot of fun sewing together that pixel heart backing. Now I'm thinking that more quilts need to have that on the back. LOL

    Rest well. Your body is working overtime to heal up. But I'm sure that you're just itching to get back into all the work that you so enjoy doing. Hugs!

  9. praying for God's blessing and healing matter what is going on in MY life, your resiliency buoys me....recommend a great book by gordon macdonald "the resilient life"...

  10. What a wonderful gift. I know you will do great thru this. Sending hugs and good energy your way.

  11. Look after yourself. The quilts you've been sent are simply wonderful.

  12. Love the quilts, love the healing and loving vibes, and - of course - love the joy-joy colors. You're in my prayers as you heal, get over the flu, endure any needed follow-up treatment, and get acquainted with your chickens!

    What a glorious mobile home your chickens have! Now, I love the wood tones but since it's yours, perhaps it needs a colorful paint job?

    Sending hugs and healing vibes!