Friday, May 8, 2015

Breast Cancer Surgery, beautiful Quilts, loving friends and being blessed

This quilt was made up
Of 90 different crosses made for a healing quilt by Mary Lou's students and friends. Michele Bileux put them together with the back shown and a pillowcase using 36 more.  They are in the mail and will be here soon.
Below my daughter is picking up my purse for me- not a flattering photo.

The curtains in my pre op space before my breast cancer surgery. I love plaids.
Here I am after I got my sleepy injection before they took  me to surgery - that was the last thing I remembered until they woke me up . I am home today and resting up. I have had some pain and some nausea. It is hard to just sit and not lift or do little chores around the house.
I received two beautiful pillows to use for Breast cancer after surgery pain. They are both awesome! 
It is wonderful
How blessed you feel with something in the mail that helps . I had never seen these before. 
Last week at Asilomar Beth Shay gave me this wonderful sewing bag out of one of my old prints. It is awesome. 
The tag on it is from "Tag Alongs" from Wendy Price's company. They are adorable and happy! Plus she has a huge variety for all quilts and gifts you might be making.
Look at all of the wonderful zippers! I put thread and needles and scissors in there and Beth packed some nice little surprises too! Lovely and beautifully handmade! Handmade is so wonderful for gifts- especially when we know what goes into it. A lot of love.
Why is fabric so tempting? I love it!
A little love note written to me from the boy who refused to smile for the family photo. 
More blocks people sent for the cross quilt
I love the modern lines and colors in this wonderful quilt. I am planning on making some more to work into a story quilt. My husband died one year ago on May 4th of brain cancer and I was in the hospital for Breast cancer almost a year to the date. I keep wondering how in the world that happened to the two of us?
    God was good to me from friend's prayers and I had no fear. I went in knowing I was in good hands. I had 1/3 of my breast removed and some lymph nodes taken out. I find out if they got it all on the 13th and then start on radiation and possibly chemo.
Life is good and my three wonderful children were with me the entire time. I am feeling very blessed.
 Bunny sisters I owe you letters.  Thank you sincerely to the many of you who prayed and offered advice and love.
I am indeed blessed. I love my dear friends. Thank you.


  1. Glad you came through and had no fear. God is good. May he continue to bless you.

  2. The quilt is beautiful and I love all the happy colors in that and your pillows. You are like me when it comes to healing, we want to get better and keep a positive attitude, but sometimes it is good to rest and let others help, so we can heal. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your positive attitude reminds me to think on the positive side, each and every day.


  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for your beautiful, inspirational smile. Your courage is truly a blessing to all of us. I will keep praying for you and your family.

  4. Bless your heart and other parts as you heal from the surgery. Remember to have food in your tummy when you take a pain pill to help decrease nausea and do take the pain pills. You won't need them for very long but they really help during the early days.

    Love the cross quilt, backing, and blocks, the wonderful heart pillows, and that charming and handy zippered sewing bag. The block I sent should have arrived in the last few days.

    Prayers continue.

    Gentle hugs!

  5. Take time to heal and rest and know that two loving healing quilts are coming to aid in your healing.

    Love that your cubical curtain had plies. Your bionic gear bag looks lovely. They hold so much!

  6. Mary Lou I'm so sorry that you had to go through this. It will get better I'm proof, it will be 10 yrs in October, chemo, radiation and 5yrs of 3 different MEDS. Please don't lift anything heavy on the surgery side. Did the doctor mention Lymphedema? Please read up on this and wear a compression sleeve if you go on a plane. I got lymphedema 3 mths after surgery, I wasn't told anything about it and was completely caught off guard. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You can't have too many people praying for you. It will be a while that you'll need to rest, it does get better. �� Toni Anne

  7. God's blessings on you and praying for an excellent report and quick complete sure is a mystery sometimes....keep your chin up!

  8. Keeping you in my thoughts...

  9. Made my way here from a mutual friends blog. The quilt is breathtaking! It's truly a work of art as well as full of powerful wishes from like minded people. I'm sorry you're going through cancer, sounds like you have a fabulous attitude which is so very important in the fight. Having not been here before, am a bit confused. Are you making the quilt for someone else? Is the quilt a gift to you?