Sunday, January 31, 2016

Retreat News - Happy Hens Creative Whimsy and Stories! Alot of Fun, Originality and Color- Come join Us!

I have just posted information for my June retreat at "Mary which is my website. If you look at the top menu, you will see the information under "Retreats."
The dates are June 12th (a Sunday) through the 16th. One day of touring Spokane and the area and four days of sewing, creating, laughing, eating and fun.
The theme this time will be "Chickens". Now we don't have to work on chickens we just like a theme for food served and napkins and doodads and a pattern by Mary Lou. You may work on your own story quilt idea or a Christmas tree which Mary Lou likes in her story quilt classes too.
 Mary Lou Shows the class a very fun and creative block for borders. Easy and creative!
 Above is a story quilt about the 60's that is very Whimsical done by Mary Lou.
This girl above is always at Mary Lou's retreats and she always has something good to eat on her. This must have been the French themed year.
Mary Lou loves chickens and birds of all kinds and can show you how to start with an idea and develop it into something pretty wonderful.
 Above is a photo of my dessert girl again. She always has awesome stuff on her thanks to Miss Tina who flies in to cook and bake from LA. She is a great quilter in her own right and always has good things to share. And she is fun!
Above is a wonderful quilt made by Nancy Miller who lives in Sacramento. She started this in a story quilt class and ended up with a full size, amazing quilt. Nancy I am sending it back. Stay tuned.
I have NO idea who did the rooster above but love the whimsy and fun of it. 
Speaking of whimsy did you ever think you would see a woman riding a chicken? My chickens run so fast it would scare me but on a quilt its a great idea!
I made the inside of this quilt and the borders were done by Freddy Moran. It is a great way to starting a story quilt with a simple theme and developing it. Imagine the fun.
This is a new story quilt I have not shown yet. It is about meeting my husband and falling in love. Lots of color, lots of whimsy and done in a different and fun way.
We will be meeting in a beautiful church in a small town close to me. There is a latte/bakery about two blocks away for those of us who love our coffee. One Wednesdays there is a great Farmers Market in the parking lot that is always fun. We plan to go to some of the best quilt shops in the area and on Wed afternoon we will drive to Coeur d'Alene to have dinner on the Lake at Dockside (Mary Lou will pay for dinners but alcohol is on you. Hee hee. They make the best huckleberry shakes in the world. We will also go to a big and wonderful quilt shop that is close to this.
Below is one of my favorite story quilts

If you are interested, send me your name, address, phone number and email. First deposit is due March 15th.
Cost is $650. total.
You will be responsible for your own hotel and I can tell you where two nice ones are. Holiday Inn off Argonne and Mission and
Hotel Quality Inn on Broadway and Argonne. Both are in Spokane Valley and Both are reasonably priced.
Hope you will join the fun and the fun people already signed up!


  1. Mary Lou you can't believe how happy I was to hear the retreat is going through this year! I've missed the annual retreats with you and the other creative people that have attend.

    Love the chicken theme along with the Christmas tree idea. The new venue and side trips sound like fun, can't wait for June to arrive!

    1. Tina and I have great fun planned and lots of goodies and fun!!

  2. Your story quilts are great Mary Lou. A little birdie told me that it was your birthday so wishing you the best on your special day! Regards, Nessie

    1. Nessie thank you for being so thoughtful! I had a quiet but lovely day!

  3. Really Like your "Dessert Girl"! How do you ever take that back and forth on a plane?

  4. I only use the dessert girl for my special retreats. She is too special to take chances with