Thursday, March 2, 2017

-Hoochy Two-chy Mary Lou's new book is ready! Getting my Mojo back, Blessings and fun patterns and fabrics!

Well, they delieverd the books yesterday and I am waiting for my web designer to get the website up so people can order it! It is really fun and has more than 50 pages of animals and things to make hoochy style. You choose large or small. Once I get some time I am going to do a block of the month group on Yahoo and we will have our very own pins and some surprises.
    If you would like to order the book with a check or money order the book is $22. and a priority envelope is $7.50. This makes a total of $29.50 and if you mail this to me I will prompty send you the book. I will keep your name and email to send info about the block of the month group also once I get my pins designed and back. :0)
My address is
Mary Lou Weidman
2406 S. Dishman-Mica Road- Suite # 5,
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Here are just some of the blocks and you can make them in different ways. Experiment and make ears bigger or smaller or animal longer or shorter. SO much fun!

More blocks and Nancy Donahoe's wonderful flower quilt where she did the darling frog and flowers to go with it. Maybe a block challenge of wild flowers for a garden would be fun! Its almost that season!

I am very thankful to Quilting Arts for take a photo of me for their show and it was a nice chance to have something to put on the book back so people could see what I look like. Haha.

I copied this dog off of Facebook and could not figure out how to frame it. I got my friend Sherry Byrd's name in there which is fine because she is a doll. 
Isn't he the cutest dog you've ever seen? I want a dog like that!! So much fun!

My favorite fabric company is Timeless Treasures. Lovely lovely fabric, colors and people who work there. My daughter in law works for me once a week and she came this week and tooks four huge bins of fabrics and sorted through them so I would know what I had. Good thing as I am going to my favorite quilt shop in the world at Asilomar- Back Porch quilts is a weakness with me. I always want some of everything they have! Gail who owns it is amazing and her employees are the best. I have know Jeanne Mills for many years. Gail used to live here and Spokane and so we go wayyy back! :0)
Thats my daughter in law's hand there. :0)

Janelle stacked my own fabrics I designed into a large bin. I like to use some in every quilt I make. I love those and wish I had more of many of them!! Hopefully someday I will submit new paintings for another line. 

This is two large bins of Kaffe fabrics and my daughter in law said "You have enough of those fabrics." Wondering if I buy new ones if I can neatly put them in so she won't notice...I don't think I can do it! Haha
Here I am when I was a cowgirl. My brother sent this to me and said later on he got the guns too and he sent me another photo to prove it. We loved cowboy shows on Saturday mornings and my Mother who bought little with sugar in it did buy us Ovaltene and Jets cereal. Really so special!
I love this photo. This dress was a hand me down from my cousin who I thought was glamorous. My brother loved this shirt because it had an anchor on it like on Popeyes arm. Haha. This was such a little house and we never knew it! I love my memories there!
My parents went out and both my brother and I hated meat. I got to make French toast and My girlfriend taught me to make frosting. So we had French toast and then I frosted marshmallows. We both got very very sick. No one taught me about sugar I guess. We got so little of it I thought more was better than less. :0)
A new generation. This is my wonderful Grandson who loves to ski with his Dad who is his best friend. I said on Facebook he is a PIP. Someone asked me what that meant. I looked it up and they said "one of a kind person." Yes, that would be him. And come to think of it all of my Grandchildren are that way and that is why it is such a joy to see them grow up and their parents pride. God has been good to all of us.

I bought some bolts of great fabtics that we added to my website. I only order the bolts I know I would use alot in case they do not sell. I knonw these fabrics are hard to find because they fly out the shop doors and the internet too. They make me smile and are very happy!
Day by Day I am getting my energy and Mojo back. I had a hard couple of years and that is behind me. I am so thankful for the blessings God has given me and I so appreciate being a quilter and making YOU my friend. Thank you for commenting and saying such nice things. That is what has helped me get back my happiness. Hope I get to see you somewhere some day.
I have a couple spots left for my retreat here. You can contact me at
And you can read about it on my website.
In the meantime have a wonderful week! We are close to Spring! I hope. Haha!
Marvelous Moose Pattern. Funny and fun.


  1. Your book looks so fun Mary Lou Weidman I have my check in the envelope ready to mail tomorrow! The Block Club sounds fun too! I enjoy your posts on Facebook too! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the opportunity to purchase your new book by mail - my check will be coming to you very, very soon! Can't wait to open it and see all the wonderful things you've created!!!

    Loving the pictures you've shared - especially those cute little girls on the last fabric picture. How cute are they??

    Thank you once again for sharing - so glad you're doing well and are enjoying your new studio and new life! God blesses us in many ways and you are a blessing to me.

  3. So nice to see you're really back!! Keep going..LOVE your works & your books. I have a couple of them.

  4. Congrats on the new book it looks great from the peeks and teases you've shared. Put my name on the list and I'll pick it up when I come for retreat! A special memory to bring home.

    Love the pictures of you and your brother. Mine is 5 1/2 years younger than me and we have some similar pictures.

  5. Oh I have all your other books and re-read them many times--they make me smile (even though i threw my back out again booo) this sounds super. hugs, Julierose

  6. Thanks for keeping up your blog, I haven't been here in a while & it's great to see your work, and these new fabrics.

  7. Family, friends, fabrics, colors, good foods, (fill in your favorites) are the sprinkles on the cupcakes of life. So glad you're feeling happier!


  8. Hi again Mary Lou! Forgot to mention that I, too, have a picture of me and my brother dressed in our cowboy/cowgirl outfits next to the Christmas tree. We both loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, so our parents got us the outfits as Christmas presents. Another memory we have in common- thank you for reminding me of that sweet moment.

  9. Thank you, Mary Lou, for my Hoochy Two-chy book. I received it last night and found the little surprise inside! I think the coffee cup blocks are calling my name.

    P.S. Hope you enjoyed the picture I sent.

  10. Love your new website. Just ordered a copy of Hoochy Twochy, and can't wait to see it.
    So happy to see you and your darling granddaughter & daughter in law enjoying your new studio on Facebook.
    Love to you and your family,